How might we better connect food production and consumption?

barambahOpenIDEO partnered with the Queensland Government and the IDEAS Festival and offered the challenge, “How might we better connect food production and consumption?

group workI was invited to participate in the Brisbane workshops to help refine the shortlisted ideas. Other attendees included: senior policy makers within the Queensland government, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, leaders of Australian food businesses, growers, local and regional government, peak bodies, community health and media.

stickiesWe broke up into groups; our team worked on Qld-LoFE: the Queensland Local Food Exchange, Market Days + Food Trucks = Serving Low-income Neighborhoods and Indigenous and Multicultural Recipe Book submitted by the OpenIDEO users, Arjan Tupan, Cory Quach and Yen.

presentingWe used a variety of methods to refine the idea: journey mapping, business model design, brainstorming and make-it-up-as-you-go. At various intervals we were asked to present our progress to the other groups where additional questions, feedback and builds could be garnered.

The first day was spent on LoFE; it was well-refined on the site, so where we could add the most value was with business model design. We kept Arjan informed of our progress, sending photos and messages over email and Twitter. It could provide an alternative to the central markets.

The next day, it became clear that the food truck and the multicultural cookbook idea could be combined so food delivery could be humanised with culture and community. Within two hours we had added many builds upon the original concepts. We christened it with the project name, Movable Feast; the idea could have major impact by improving access to healthy food and creating a community around it.

anna blighAfter another flurry of activity to see how we could take these ideas to reality, it was suddenly over. We spent some time with Anna Bligh and I met Deb Newell at the opening drinks for the festival.

My personal highlights were:

  • travelling on the CityCat from New Farm to South Bank every day; what a magnificent commute!
  • having Robert Pekin, founder of FoodConnect, involved in the Movable Feast workshop; he is so shiny and bright!
  • seeing a group of strangers gel as a team; the ideas became richer with everyone’s input.

And then… a surprise! I recovered a few lost phone messages on the iPhone (I still don’t understand how this interface works). Thanh from Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services had called; he informed me that the FlavourCrusader app had received an offer of funding.

Jaw. Floor.

What an epic week! I look forward to spending more time on FlavourCrusader and hopefully becoming involved with Movable Feast.

Way to go us, way to go Brissy!

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