Our manifesto and getting things done

pickedOn advice garnered from Martyn Ware (The Human League, Heaven 17, Future of Sound and Illustrious Company) at XMediaLab, I have worked on a manifesto of sorts. Not just any manifesto, he said “You can be bolshie about it!”

Corporate food has failed us;
it’s our time to shine.
Food lovers of the world unite!
For community, nature and our health
but most of all delight!
We’re for real food, from real food people.

Bolshie enough?

I’ve also written our mission statement. All of our activities inside the app as well as In Real Life will further these goals.

Corporate food has had its day.
Convenience has a Cost.
Let’s take food back.

We’re for:-
Healthy people and planet.
Love and respect for food.
Local economies.
Vibrant communities.
Respect for animals.
Passion, dedication and craft.

Most points have a metric so we can assess whether we are achieving our goals. This was advice from Christopher Tanner (CEO of Emdigo and creator of the patented technology now known as Google Earth).

I’m still playing with the phrasing of our USP, elevator pitch and taglines. I’ve also done some ‘actual’ user stories and these are being filtered according to whether it ‘fits’.

So that’s how we’re progressing. We’re focused, on the same page and ready to roll.

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