Calling Future Farmers!

katiefarmgateKnow a farmer who sells delicious produce?
Au fait with social media?
Sells in Sydney?

We’re creating FlavourCrusader, an app for food-lovers to find the best fresh food and share delicious ideas. It aims to

  • connect urban food-lovers to the origins of their food
  • increase consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • strengthen local economies threatened by supermarket chains

Right now, we’re refining the app with feedback from farmers/producers. We aim to connect them to food-lovers so they can champion their produce.

“big thanks to you for the opportunity to get on board what I expect to be an amazing app for connecting growers and foodies,” said the last farmer.

Know someone who fits the bill? Reckon they’re keen? They’ll be one of the first to preview our prototype app.

Let me know – tweet me @flavourcrusader or send an email to info AT flavourcrusader DOT com with their details.


Photo by @katiefarmgate from Marrickville markets

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