Ethical and free range pork directory

free range porkHere’s a few things to consider before heading to the shops, so you don’t have a bacon dilemma.

More of us are buying free range pork. Well perhaps, intend to. See, there’s an antiquated label “bred free range“. This means the mother pig is free to range, yet after weaning, her piglets are housed in shelters; this is where the pork you eat comes from. Fine, but the word “bred” is often conveniently dropped at retail.

And while we’re vigilant with fresh pork, over 65 per cent of smallgoods sold in Australia come from intensive farms in Denmark, Canada and the United States. There’s a risk of superbugs with routine antibiotics and cancer with overconsumption, so repeat after me, “bacon is for special occasions.” Buy the good stuff and you won’t go back.

But what makes pork delicious? They say it’s a combination of the pig breed, diet and being free from stress. However the breeds that provide sweet succulent meat—Berkshires, Large Blacks, Wessex Saddlebacks, Tamworths and more—are close to extinction.

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In 1995, there were only 50 Wessex Saddleback sows in the world. In 2011, there were only 12 Hampshire sows registered in Australia and under 150 of the Large Blacks and Tamworths. If you want to save their bacon, seek registered purebred pigs or better still, raise them yourself.

Here’s a headstart for your ethical pork journey; listed below are farms with pigs that are raised on pasture. Ask the farmer questions and make an active choice! If you’re unsure, look for animal welfare or organic certification on their websites and products.

Look for these brands at farmers’ markets and local independent stores near you. Taste the difference and tell your friends!

Support local farmers and eat delicious fresh food to boot! Check the other directories: milk, eggs, pork, fruit and vegetables, garlic, turkeys and chickens.

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Boxgum GrazingBoxgum Grazing, Windermere
Sam and Claire Johnson are passionate about land management, regenerative agriculture, local employment and producing excellent food. Their sows are free to build a nest to farrow their piglets; after six weeks, they’re weaned and moved to the woodland.

brooklet springs farmBrooklet Springs Farm, Brooklet
Georgina Goddard and Morgan Wilkie’s heritage pastured pigs are fed a mix of museli from Brookfarm, and organic supplements (like biochar and safflower protein) from a local certified organic stock feed mill.

bundarra berkshiresBundarra Berkshires, Barham
Lauren and Lachy Mathers’ farm is based on ethical, chemical and stress-free practices, and improving the soil. Their pigs are paddock-raised their entire lives; the pigs eat crops, pasture, grains, minerals, avocados and forage in the forested areas. Follow @BundarraPork

dewsbury porkDewsbury Free Range Pork, Quialago
Ebony Garner and Eli Bailey breed Duroc, Hampshires, Tamworths and Wessex Saddlebacks. The pigs are raised entirely outdoors from birth until sale, with access to wallows, water, shelters and shade. The paddocks are rotated regularly, to reduce disease and parasites, recuperate ground cover and grow forage crops.

esperenzaEsperenza Farm, Corndale
Susana and Jerrod Henderson raise Large Black and Berkshire pigs. The pigs are kept in family group as they grow up. The farmers aim to provide community based agriculture where locals and visitors can buy premium pork direct from the farmer and know that the animals are raised in an ethical way.

extraordinary pork dubbo free rangeExtraordinary Pork, Eumungerie
Michael and Alexandra run 50 Berkshire pigs with weekly rotations on their property, half an hour from Dubbo. Their pigs are free to dig, eat grass and act like pigs. They eat grass with supplementary grain feed, bought from their neighbours.

figtreeFigtree Organics, Inverell and Grafton
The pigs free range year round with access to high quality organic pastures. Free to exhibit their natural behaviours, they cool off in a mud bath and sleep under the shade of a big yellow box gum or Moreton Bay Fig tree.

free range butcherFree Range Butcher, Barraba
Ben Cinch and his family rotate Landrace, Large White and Durocs on paddocks. The pigs are also fed pellets, and if the season allows, finished on pastures of oats, lucerne or sorghum. More flavoursome than intensively farmed pork, with decent fat–good crackling! They also source Oakleigh Pasture Pork.

Fresh PasturesFresh Pastures, Stuart Town
Holistic farmers, Ian and Sharon Chapman, free range their pigs on annual and perennial grasses and forbs. The pigs’ feed is supplemented by partly sprouted wheat, brewer’s grain and meat meal.

Green Connect IllawarraGreen Connect Illawarra, Warrawong
This Wollongong-based not-for-profit social enterprise free ranges pigs on their 11-acre urban permaculture farm, while employing young people and former refugees.

Wanera Happy Pig PorkHappy Pig, O’Connell
Helen and Grant Barton‘s pigs roam freely over 600 acres. They have shelter, fresh water, dams to wallow and mud to play in. They live in a mixed farming enterprise, blending in with the sheep, lambs and horses.

Hayter’s HillHayter’s Hill, Byron Bay
Hugh and David Trevor-Jones’ pigs live their entire life outdoors, with shade and shelter provided. The pigs are moved to a new paddock each week and will not return to the same paddock for six weeks, to keep the pigs healthy and disease-free.

hillside meats free range porkHillside Meats, Eungai Creek
Colin and Lesley Meehan run Tamworth, Berkshire and Large White pigs. The pigs sleep in the shade, wander to the dam for a drink, wallow and play. Once weaned, they’re fed milk twice daily from the dairy herd with supplementary pig pellets.

hillside farm porkHillside Pastured Farm, Wirrimah
Daniel and Christine Relyea’s pigs are hand raised, live on pasture and periodically moved from the time they are weaned. They eat roots and worms, fresh grass, wallow and root around. In short, they live the life of a real pig. No chemicals, hormones or antibiotics are used. Pic by Stockman’s Daughter.

jerrara creek farmJerrara Creek Farm, Jamberoo
Alan and Rachel Smith free range Berkshire sows and a Landrace boar in Jamberoo.

linga longa Linga Longa, Wingham
Greg and Lauren Newell’s pigs are born and raised outdoors. They are kept at a stocking rate to ensure ample access to forage and grazing pasture and freedom to express their natural behaviour in an environment as close to nature as controlled farming will allow.

melanda park free rangeMelanda Park Free Range Pork, Ebenezer
Matthew and Sue Simmons’ pigs are born and raised in their paddocks, free from farrowing crates and sow stalls. The commercial white pig is the pig of choice now, with just a small amount of heritage bloodlines to produce a sow that does well in the paddock.

merrifieldMerrifield Farm, Merriwa
Mathew and Lucy Grace’s purebred Berkshires are run in small paddocks on a rotational basis. They eat pasture, a mixture of produce grown on the farm and locally sourced grains. The couple have established an on-farm butchery and have employed a locally trained butcher.

mirrabooka porkMirrabooka Pork, Lawrence
The Graham, Ross and Munns clan have set up their farm to nurture the pigs under their care. The pigs can roam in large paddocks, play and rest in their wallows and root and graze as they wish.

mosssyMossy Mountain Pig Farm, Gungal
Will, Emily and family breed Berkshire pigs. The pigs free range in open paddocks where they can dig, roll in mud and sleep under the stars.

the naked farmersThe Naked Farmers, Tom’s Creek
The Wessex Saddleback pig sows–Babe, Winnie and Saddleback Samantha–help Sophie and Ged clear weedy areas, and sweeten the soil with their wonderful manure. The pork is available seasonally, twice yearly.

near river produce porkNear River Produce, Hollisdale
Therese and Andrew Hearne left Sydney in 2007 to follow their dream of owning a farm and producing organic food for their community. It came true with a smallholding on the Mid North Coast. Here, the pigs are rotated through the various production plots, turning, cleaning and manuring each area.

oakleigh free range porkOakleigh Pasture Pork, Gunnedah
Jack and Jen Hewitt grow a mix of Saddleback, Large Black and Landrace pigs. Maremma dogs protect the young from foxes.

pecan pigsPecan Pigs, Pearces Creek
The Berkshire pigs are raised on pasture, and forage for pecans in the orchard. They help manage the paddock by trampling vegetation into the soil, and adding nutrients that improves soil biology and water retention. They are fed, slaughtered and butchered within a 10km radius; this is local food!

Pillar Rock PorkPillar Rock Pork, Binnaway
The vast majority of Pieter and Michelle’s property is pristine bush, managed to conserve of biodiversity and wildlife. The farm is subdivided into 22 paddocks, of which 17 are used for the pigs; this minimises parasites and erosion, and gives the paddocks time to recover.

power porkPower Pork, Wellington
Frank Power and Danielle Littlewood run Large Whites, Berkshires and Tamworth pigs. They live in portable shelters in the paddock, with growers free ranging in a half acre paddock, and moved depending on how quick the grass grows, normally once a week.

red box pigsRed Box Pigs, Kyogle
Sally Penhaligon free ranges her pigs, and protects them from predators with electro fencing. She regulates their temperature with wallows and sprinklers when it’s too hot. And when it’s too wet, she provides shelter.

red leaf free range porkRedleaf Farm, Fitzroy Falls
Sam and Katrina Sparke grow Wessex Saddlebacks for the Southern Highland and Sydney markets. The pigs roam in several paddocks on a rotational basis; their diet is supplemented by homemade ‘muesli’ of high protein mill mix combined with oats, barley, cracked corn, sunflower seeds and wheat grain.

Refalo Free Range PorkRefalo Free Range Pork, Kemps Creek
David Refalo supplies quality free range pork to Sydney butchers.

Riverina Berkshire GoldRiverina Berkshire Gold, Wagga Wagga
Steve and Leah Anderson run purebred Berkshires on the farm. The pigs are born and bred outdoors for their entire lives. The pigs forage on pasture, and eat an abundant amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, supplemented with pig pellet grain.

saulsbury berkshiresSaulbury Berkshires, Camden
Kay and Lisa supply purebred free range Berkshire pork for the Sydney market. Grandpa Charles Boardman bgan the farm in the 1930s.

Tathra Place Tathra Place, Taralga
Luke and Pia Winder’s Wessex Saddlebacks free range in the half-acre paddock, with plenty of forage, bushland and grass. Their moveable shelters are made from recycled materials.

Wallendbeen Park FarmWallendbeen Park Farm, Wallendbeen
Christoph Preussmann and Annie Jacobs raise their free range heritage pigs in a stress-free, outdoor environment on their regenerative farm. Berkshire cross piglets are weaned naturally to give them the full benefits of their mother’s milk. They also run a herd of cattle in a planned grazing system on land that is free from fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides.

west walla farmWest Walla Farm, Walla-walla
Amy and Tobias Lehmann run Wessex Saddleback pigs as a family in the paddock. The pigs enjoy eating broken or damaged eggs, from the pastured egg production side of the business.

wild terania farmWild Terania Farm, Terania Creek
Peter free ranges heritage breed pigs on 2.5 acres of pasture, with a maximum of 10 pigs at any one time. There is forage to eat, grubs to dig up, a wallow to swim in, room to run and have protection from the elements. The supplementary feed is organic certified.

amber creek farmAmber Creek Farm, Fish Creek
Milli and Dan’s pigs live and eat in lush paddocks and are regularly moved to fresh pasture. They’re handfed whole grains, fruits and vegetables; wallow in mud; and are contented with human company and care. The pigs are drug, hormone and GMO-free.

barongarookBarongarook Pork, Barongarook
Xavier and Laura Meade raise up to 60 free range pigs, crossing Berkshire and Saddleback sows with a Duroc boar. The sows eat a diet of crushed barley and grower pigs eat feed pellets, with apples from the Meades’ trees supplementing their diet. Sows receive extra fibre after farrowing.

brooklands free range farmsBrooklands Free Range Farms, Blampied
At Jono and Nats’ farm, the Berkshire pigs are born and raised outdoors on chemical-free paddocks, rotated regularly. The pigs fertilise the soil as they forage. They also enjoy whey from a local cheese maker with a mix of grains from a local mill making their favourite porridge.

bunyip hollowBunyip Hollow, Wodonga
Cyan von Giya free range Large Blacks crossed with Saddleback and Berkshire pigs on the organic farm, able to exhibit their natural behaviours. The pigs have a diverse diet of organic milk, nuts, fruit and vegetables and grains. The sows are bred only once per year.

farmer danFarmer Dan, Jack River
Dan Drougas, his wife Cath, and their children free range Berkshire pigs on 60 hectares. Dan is proud of the fact they farm free of chemicals, helped by his horticultural background. “I understand the value of plants. Even a thistle is valuable, bringing up minerals from the sub-soil,” he says.

freeland porkFreeland Pork, Wodonga
Marc and Claire Coates cross breeds Berkshire and Large White pigs in a rotational grazing and cropping system. All pigs are fed a vegetarian-only grain mix, free from hormones and meat meal.

goulburn valley porkGoulburn Valley Pork, Harston
Dareen and Sharon’s pigs free range on their 140 acre farm, with space and freedom to behave with their natural instincts and socialise with their peers. The farmers rotate the pigs frequently; they remove the nutrients left by the pigs by growing cereal crops such as wheat or lucerne.

gypsy pigGypsy Pig, West Gippsland
Bronwyn and Michael Cowan grow Large Black, Tamworth, Wessex Saddleback and Berkshire pigs. They’re born, bred and raised outdoors. Ham is available on the bone for Christmas and is prepared by John Preston at Country Style Meats, Garfield. Tip from @stickifingers

happy valley free range farmHappy Valley Free Range, Wandin North
Jo, Andrew Stritch and son Jesse have crossbred sows and a Large White boar. Most of their sows are ¾ Large White and ¼ Duroc, Berkshire or Wessex Saddleback.

heathcote harvestHeathcote Harvest, Heathcote
Steve always wanted to breed pigs, and he did a lot a research to determine the best breed suitable for free range farming. He chose Berkshires.

Hollyburton FarmHollyburton, Clarkefield
Hollyburton is managed by an enterprising family dedicated to sustainable agriculture. They run free range pigs, fed a mixture of grains, beer barley, milk and hay in addition to free ranging the certified organic fields.

tammois tammi jonas jonaiJonai Farms & Meatsmiths, Daylesford
Tired of choosing between saving the world or savouring it, the Jonai figured a way to do both. Their pigs have what Joel Salatin calls ‘one bad day’. They respect ‘the pigness of the pig’, and their animals are free to roam, root, and wallow as they would in the wild.

mcivor farmMcIvor Farm, Tooborac
Jason and Belinda Hagan practice regenerative farming, building soil and ultimately producing premium healthy foods. Their free range pigs are predominantly Berkshire old bred and Berkshire cross-bred; hams are smoked by David at Flora Hill Quality Meats.

millbrookMillbrook Free Range, Millbrook
David and Cara Trigg run 20 breeding sows, which produce two litters of piglets each year, which are all born, and grown outdoors for their entire life, with shelter provided, and protection from predators.

Mt Beckworth Free RangeMt Beckworth Free Range, Evansford
Diane and Chris believe that animals should be free to roam and express their natural behavior. They are currently transforming an old shed into an on-farm butchery. Tip from Jayne.

Moyarra Fine FoodsMoyarra Fine Foods, Moyarra
Raised on high quality grain and fresh pastures, the pigs live in the environment nature intended, free to wander, root around in the paddocks and wallow in the mud. Tim and Kirstin Anderson also provide the pigs huts and straw bedding for shelter from the elements.

Penddraig ParcPenddraig Parc, Briagolong
Chris Adams’ registered Wessex Saddlebacks graze in paddocks and within fenced-off sections of bush; they have access to dust and mud wallows; and live in social groups. Processing, hams and bacon are by Neville Vaux at Rosedale Butchers.

pig earthPig and Earth Farm, Kingston
Large Black and Berkshire pigs forage on roots and grass; they also eat locally grown grain and fruit scraps from a caterer. The pigs spend their entire lives outdoors, with access to shelter from bad weather. They are generally kept in pairs or small groups, and young pigs are kept in sibling groups.

Pig In A BoxPig In A Box, Glenhope East
Clare and Bernie de Kok raise Berkshire Pigs in large open padlocks with forest and pasture. With a background in restaurants and farming, raising pigs with minimum stress is important to them. They hand feed the pigs on a mixture of grains, soaked to ensure they get all the goodness.

ravens creek farmRaven Creek Farm, Moriac
Hayden Findlay and his wife Jasmin offer pasture-raised heritage breed pork available for pick up from their Moriac farm. The pigs live a natural life outside, manuring and mulching in areas that the cows can’t access. Tip from Sally Waites.

shady watersShady Waters, Bannerton
Shady Waters run 50 sows and have a few of most breeds including Berkshire, Saddle-back, Large Black, Tamworth, Duroc, large-white and Landrace. The pigs enjoy a happy life in large paddocks, and are spoilt rotten with fine grains and vegetables for feed.

Taggarts Paddock PorkTaggarts Paddock Pork, Taggerty,
Farmer Angelo Greco teamed up with business partner Danny Dalton to grow and sell pork via the community supported agriculture model. The pigs spend their day on pasture, free to root around and forage.

Tickled Pink PorkTickled Pink Pork, Narromine
Michelle Welsh and her partner Matthew Cowley, together with Matthew’s parents, operate the business. They run more than 30 breeding sows and three boars, predominantly large whites, but they also have some Berkshire pigs.

wattlebank park farmWattlebank Park Farm, St Clair
Nadine and Clive Verboon used to run 150 Holstein-Friesians and sell milk to Fonterra. Faced with the prospect of selling the farm, they decided to downsize and diversify instead. Their pigs are paddock raised; they dig, lay in wallows and play with their children.

Wheatons' StoreWheatons’ Store, Broughton
Jo and Vern Wheaton grow various rare breeds including Large Blacks and Berkshires at the farm in Broughton. The pigs are free to range, with an open door policy being their accreditation, engaging people with the source of their food. They sell through their online store, with monthly local hub deliveries.

woolumbiWoolumbi Farm, Tyabb
Kenneth and Sonya Neff first established their free range Wessex Saddleback herd in 2005. The pigs are fed a diet that includes boiled potatoes, milk, and whatever they root up in the paddock.

wooragee quality free range porkWooragee Quality Free Range Pork, Beechworth
Neil and Olivia Johnstone run Berkshire and Large Black crosses on their farm. They use a paddock rotation system for consistent supply of natural fodder and to protect the waterways. Their pigs enjoy a chemical-free diet of selected local grains, seasonal chestnuts and fruit.

yarrapigsYarrapigs, Dixons Creek
Melissa Mancs and her husband have a herd of Wessex Saddleback cross sows, a Berkshire Boar and Large Black sows. The pigs are fed a blended grain ration along with fruit and vegetables. No steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones are used to grow the pigs.

yarra valley free-range porkYarra Valley Free Range Pork, Dandenong Ranges
Christine Ross produces pedigreed Large Black Pigs, free to range on chemical-free pasture. Dane Wilson of Burwood Village Gourmet Meats cuts and packs their fresh pork and makes their smallgoods.

zed and coZed & Co Freerange Farm, Gordon
After watching UK TV series Jimmy’s Farm, Marnie and Nick fell in love with Wessex Saddlebacks and bought a registered pair. With a passion for good, clean produce, they sell through farmers’ markets and direct to chefs.

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Also look at NSW producers.

baranbali farmBaranbali Farm, Conondale
Yvonne Ellis, her partner David and family run the 80 acre farm, producing organic Wessex Saddleback pork for the local market.

baranbali farmBedford Park, St Lawrence
Vivienne and Craig Coleman grow, transport and butcher their Berkshire and Saddleback pigs. They run the pigs in family litters, with low stress interaction and lots of attention, making them easy to move; chickens share the paddock to help with pest management. The livestock are rotated every eight weeks to allow the paddock to rest.

bellevue babes Bellevue Babes, Darling Downs
Soph’s Saddleback pigs are free to graze in open pastures where they are able to exhibit natural behaviors including wallowing, building nests to farrow their young in as well as digging the soils. Supplementary feed is certified organic pig mash.

bottle tree organicsBottle Tree Hill Organics, South Burnett
Meg and Wil Seller primarily grow Saddlebacks, able to graze in open spaces with access to shelter, shade and wallows in a developing permaculture system.

Echo Valley FarmEcho Valley Farms, Goomburra
Randal and Juanita Breen rotate their pigs regularly from field to field, along with cattle and chicken. Supplementary feed includes vegetables and sauerkraut waste.

EggcetteraEggcettera, Talgai
Tim Somes and Nick Proud’s pigs are free to roam the paddocks for a feed and roll in the mud. They are rotated from paddock to paddock to rejuvenate the soil.

emperors porkEmperors Pork, Grapetree
The Berkshire pigs, raised by Gordon and Jenie Fawckner, are free to explore muddy wallows and lush pastures. The Fawckners are passionate about soil health and land management.

ethical meatsEthical Meats Farms, Giin Gin
Wayne, Abby and Alan’s pigs forage around on pasture, socialize with my friends and family and splash around in wallows.

Freckle FarmFreckle Farm, Eton
On Deb McLucas and Rob Bauman’s farm a rotational grazing system is used; their stock help improve the soil. They raise purebred Berkshire pigs because they don’t suffer from the sun as much as the white breeds, they have a quiet nature, and are known for their excellent eating quality.

gleneden organic farmGleneden Organic Farm, Gayndah
Rohan’s pigs are moved onto fresh pasture a few times a week, allowing them to graze to supplement their feed, and limiting their heavy disturbance to a short period on each piece of ground. They spread their manure and bedding, fertilising the newly broken soil.

mary valley free rangeMary Valley Free Range, Kandanga Creek
James and Chrissy Peskops’ Large Black pigs grow in family groups, free to range paddocks with ample water, weatherproof sheds and shade. The manure and other by-products of pigs, which contain valuable plant nutrients and carbon, are used as fertiliser for pasture.

piggy middlePiggy in the Middle, Kilkivan
100 heritage breed pigs are rotationally grazed, followed by chickens that remove any parasites. No synthetic chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or pesticides are used. The pigs dig and feed on local grasses, legumes and roots; they are also fed supplementary grains.

sunnyville free range pastured pigsSunnyville Free Range Pastured Pigs, Malanda
John and Shane Beattie’s pigs are free to wallow, run, play, dig and farrow. The paddocks are rotationally grazed; they are rooted up and fertilized by the pigs before being replanted and irrigated to return to lush pasture.

Tamworth FlyersTamworth Flyers, Mothar Mountain
The Tamworths are born under the trees and live their entire lives sleeping, playing and digging through pastures, woodlands and food forests. They forage most of their food from the soil, devouring tubers and soil fungi. Julian Maher and Paul Stringer rotate them monthly.

tillari trottersTillari Trotters, Karara
Belinda Marriage and Tim Rudduck grow and breed Stud Tamworth Pigs. Unlike commercial enterprises that may breed pigs for growth and weight gain, they breed for flavour, temperament of animals and mothering ability.

berkshire goldWhitsunday Berkshire Gold, Convay Range
Christina and Peter raise their pigs naturally; they roam freely in paddocks and graze, digging up roots, rolling in fresh dirt in the hills of the Convay Range. Their diet contains no meat or fishmeal and is free of any restricted animal materials; they eat a lot of fresh vegetables and farm eggs.

yanjalaYanjala Farm , Goomeri
Scott and Selina run heritage pigs completely free range. They live outdoors, in the fresh air, on open pastures. The pigs have the freedom to do what they love to do: run, dig, forage, wallow and most of all, socialise!

Amblemead ProduceAmblemead Produce, Mount Gambier
James Koop free ranges Wessex Saddleback pigs. Got more info? Contact info AT flavourcrusader DOT com.

The Atherton Farm The Atherton Farm, Templars
Neil Atherton and family breed Large Blacks, Berkshires, Wessex saddlebacks and Landrace pigs. The pigs eat locally grown barley and wheat, field peas and fruit and vegetables from the greengrocer; they also enjoy spent brewer’s grain from a local craft brewer.

Coorong Free Range PorkCoorong Free Range Pork, Keith
The small farm runs free range pigs with produce for sale at various times. Got more info? Email info AT flavourcrusader DOT com.

hamlet porkHamlet Pork, Coolup
Catherine and Luke Hamson are pastured Berkshire farmers. Each week the pigs are moved to fresh pasture. They enjoy macadamias from the on farm orchard, high protein pig pellets, windfall local fruit and whey from cheese making.

Jabuk Pastured BerkshiresJabuk Pastured Berkshires, Jabuk
Shane and Tammy O’Malley pigs are pasture born and raised, free to exhibit natural behaviours. Got more info? Email info AT flavourcrusader DOT com.

minniribbie farmMinniribbie Farm, Wangary
Warren Smith grows and processes Berkshire pigs that are truly free to roam. They don’t use any chemicals on the farm, nor give the pigs any growth hormones or feed additives. Contact them for old-fashioned smoked ham.

baudin pigs kangaroo islandRare Breeds Farm, Kangaroo Island
In 1802, Nicholas Baudin sailed around Kangaroo Island and released a few pigs; the Baudin pigs survived for more than 200 years in genetic isolation. William Marshall is the owner of the last 11 remaining left in the world. He also grows Large Blacks and Wessex Saddlebacks. Photo by ABCRural

the dairyman heritage porkBarossa Heritage Pork, Barossa Valley
Michael Wohlstadt’s Berkshire and Tamworth pigs are fed milk from his Jersey herd, local grain and they also graze on pasture. No feed additives are added that taint meat, and no growth stimulants or hormones are used.

valley viewValley View Free Range Pigs, Linwood
Mark and Melissa’s registered Berkshires are free to roam, live, grow and enjoy their lives outdoors all the time. They are organically fed and ethically raised pastured pigs.

wakefield grangeWakefield Grange, Wattle Flat
Nathen and Sophie Wakefield free range their pigs, with a Large White boar and mixed breeding sows of Berkshire, Duroc and Large White. The pigs are fed GMO free crushed, mixed grain and supplemented with fresh produce when available.

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big red margaret riverBIG RED, Forest Grove
David Hohnen and Nigel Lovejoy run mixed-bred stock comprised of mostly Tamworth, but also Berkshire, Duroc and Large White breeds. The pigs are free to root around for grubs or forage in eucalyptus woodlands, supplemented by legumes and grains. Porongorup Free Range Pork by Linley Valley supplements supply for the smallgoods.

chestnut braeChestnut Brae Farm and Organic Fine Food Co, Blackwood River Valley
Linda Stanley and Mike Van De Griend jointly raise Berkshire / Wessex Saddleback pigs on Mike’s organically certified farm Drovers Rest. The pigs are free to range on grassy paddocks and root around to their hearts content. Their diet is supplemented by organic eggs, spray free sweet chestnuts and grain.

Hamlet PorkHamlet Pork, Coolup
Catherine and Luke Hamson free range their pure bred Berkshire pigs on pasture. The pigs are fed high protein pig pellets, windfall local fruit, whey from cheese making and macadamias from the on-farm orchard.

jindong free rangeJindong Free Range, Busselton
The pigs are a composite of Berkshire, Saddle Back and Duroc breeds. They are fed a diet of special pig mix with all the vitamins and minerals a pig requires; pasture or hay depending upon season; waste potatoes, pumpkins, avocados, milk and eggs when available. Each pig enjoys over 100sqm of land.

killara open range porkKillara Open Range Pork, Boyup Brook
Peter and Cathy Bradford run open-range pigs across grassy paddocks year round, with shelter from the elements during summer and winter. They graze on various grasses and eat from feeders containing high quality feed grown on the farm.

Laterite Ridge Free RangeLaterite Ridge Free Range, York
Mat Longworth’s farm began as an olive grove, and has blossomed to include a variety of nutritious food, grown organically without the use of synthetic chemicals. The pigs are free to range in paddocks with a mix of bush and pasture; they are fed grains grown on farm and sourced from neighbours’ farms.

merri bee organicMerri Bee Organic Farm, Nannup
Home to Stewart Seesink, Bee Winfield and their son Lee, the farm is a Permaculture that’s been developing slowly for 25 years. They produce the only organic pork in Western Australia from three mixed-race sows and one Berkshire boar.

Terra InspirataTerra Inspirata, Cordering
Steve and Trudy Stewart’s Berkshire pigs eat barley and lupin mix milled on farm with added vitamins and minerals, hay and garden vegetables. They live outdoors with access to shelter, shade and wallows, with no castration, tail docking, nose rings or teeth clipping.

Cornerstone FarmCornerstone Farm, Launceston
Adam and Lisa Harper pigs free range on bushland unsuitable for sheep grazing; it is their natural environment, providing both shade and shelter. The pigs source food from the land including pasture, weeds, bark, shrubs and protein-rich bugs. Grower pigs are fed an ad lib diet of a high protein, unmedicated grain.

fat pig farm matthew evansFat Pig Farm, Glazier’s Bay
Nestled in a narrow gully near the Huon River, Matthew Evans and Sadie Chrestman raise 30 grass grazing, dirt digging Wessex Saddleback pigs.

fork it farm Fork It Farm, Lebrina
Daniel and Kim Croker sell their pigs via a CSA subscription. Raised on pasture, the pigs root, graze, wallow in the mud and play. Sows have freedom of movement and natural interactions with their litter.

Huon Valley BerkshiresHuon Valley Berkshires, Huon Valley
Huon Valley Berkshires is Tasmania’s first and currently only certified free range pig farm (APIQ Certified Free Range) and is also the only registered berkshire stud in Tasmania.

 Kelty FarmKelty Farm, Woodbridge
On certified organic Kelty Farm, Rex and Cynthia Williams breed both the Berkshire and Wessex Saddleback pigs. The pigs are all born and raised in a free range system and are fed on Tasmanian organic grain and organic dairy, and the farm’s own apples.

langdale farmLangdale Farm, Glengarry
Oliver and Fiona Stocker free range their Wessex Saddleback pigs amongst the swamp gums on the bush block in the Tamar Valley. The trees give them shade; there is also an ark or a shed for them to shelter. In the summer, they create wallows for the pigs.

levens river farmLeven River Farm, Gunns Plains
Michelle and John Pegler free range Wessex Saddleback and Tamworth pigs. The pigs have free access to paddocks and sleep indoors in converted horse stables. No pigs are nose ringed, tooth clipped or tail docked.

long nameLong Name Farm, Little Swanport
Phil and Selina free range heritage breed pigs on their 45 acre property. The pigs are free to roam and grow at their own pace in wattle paddocks. Their foraged feed is supplemented with a hand-made grain mix. They supply restaurants, are at Farm Gate Market and supply Pig-in-a-Box direct to the public.

mount gnomon farmMount Gnomon Farm, Penguin
Guy Robertson and Eliza Wood are passionate about producing ethically raised meat with minimal impact on the environment. They specialise in purebred free-range Wessex Saddleback pigs; their ham is cured and packaged at Pandani Select Foods at Somerset.

our matesOur Mates’ Farm, Geeveston
Matt and Coreen free range Wessex Saddlebacks and Large Blacks on their certified organic farm. The pigs enjoy apples and milk to supplement their feed. They are rotated through the paddocks to allow the grass to recover and clean the orchard to clean after harvest.

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Top photo from Yarra Valley Free Range Pork.

13 Responses to Ethical and free range pork directory

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  2. […] looking for your nearest free-range pig farmer, I compiled an Australia-wide list a few years ago. Flavour Crusader also has a list that may be more up to date than […]

  3. […] 4) buy direct from farmers, either at farmer’s markets or online. I have a list of free-range pig farms in Australia, as does Flavour Crusader. […]

  4. Regina Halton says:

    Thank you for your informative page. I have today confirmed the thought that ‘free range’ products are not necessarily so!! Horrified. I will now make sure I can buy TRUE free range meat and eggs where possible.

    1. Sharon says:

      You’re welcome Regina!

  5. […] a list of genuine free-range pig farmers around Australia to help you decode the […]

  6. […] select ethical pork? Well the Flavour Crusader has come to the rescue with their Australian ‘ethical and free range pork directory! This directory, while not necessarily conclusive, provides a listing of pork producers across […]

  7. […] meat from certification schemes that require environmental enrichment or buying free range means your purchase supports farmers who provide better animal welfare than the legal minimum. It […]

  8. HI I have stumbled on this website via Twitter. Just wondering if you had list of pig farmers that also killed stock in humane way and not this stressful gassing or stunning as they pile up the race of abattoir.

    I am now keen to transcend my apathy and buy ethically.


    Port Macquarie NSW

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi John,
      No I don’t have that list. Best you find a farmer near you and ask about the transport and abattoir.

  9. Lisa says:

    I would also like to know about ethical slaughtering. I realise there may not be an official definition of this but essentially for me I don’t want the animal to know it was going to be killed, or feel pain in being killed, or other animals see it being killed before they themselves get killed. I realise this would be challenging to sustain economically when slaughtering large numbers of animals, but I’m sure it is possible for small farms if the will was there to do it. This way the entire life cycle of the pig is humane, not just the stages of raising it. I would love to see a standard developed and those who comply with this standard could advertise accordingly. I would be prepared to pay more for humane meat of this standard.

    1. Sharon Lee says:

      In Australia, there used to be thousands of little abattoirs, located close to farms, where people could get a few animals slaughtered at a time. But today, abattoirs are concentrated, with a small number of large operations.

      Yet there are still small abattoirs dotted around, I know of one run by pig farmers, and a few co-ops. Some chicken farmers are able to process their own birds on-farm.

      Farmers are able to kill their own cattle, pigs and sheep as you described above, or have a mobile butcher visit, but they are unable to, due to regulations, sell it to eaters.

      So you can not only pay more to support this practice, but write/call politicians and ask what they can do to support small farmers with this kind of infrastructure, and to change the regulations. Join AFSA to help make it happen.

      Until then, just ask your farmers to describe the animal’s last day.

  10. Bec says:

    Thanks for all this info, and amazing photos, we all need to adopt sustainability thinking in our food products – thank you!

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