Australian chemical-free and organic garlic directory

Australian organic garlicJust ten years ago, Australia had 1 600 garlic growers. Yet with the initial dumping of cheap imports, local growers couldn’t compete. They disappeared, taking with them hundreds of garlic varieties.

Today, Australians eat 3 500 tonnes of garlic annually. We produce just a fraction of this, about 500 tonnes. So the vast majority is imported; mostly it comes from China, but also from Africa, Taiwan, New Zealand and the United States.

Imported garlic may be grown with chemicals banned in Australia. According to the Australian Garlic Industry Association, imported garlic is cool-stored; treated with growth inhibitors to stop it from sprouting on the shelf; bleached with chlorine for whiteness; and fumigated with methyl bromide (by law) to kill bugs and plant matter.

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Worse still, the varieties are selected for their yield and storage life. Not for flavour. So should you meet a very old and powerful vampire, this clove will not work! It’s a shadow of its former self.


Want juicy and flavourful garlic? Need pungent toum to send a vampire to his tomb?

You need Australian garlic.

How to select and store
Garlic bulbs should feel firm with no soft patches. Different garlic varieties have different keeping qualities. Generally, from their November harvest, garlic will last up to April before sprouting. In temperate areas, bulbs should be stored in a well-ventilated, cool, dark and dry place; a mesh bag is ideal. In hot or humid areas, garlic may be best stored in the fridge to avoid the humidity; it isn’t ideal, as the flavour is diminished. For longer storage, garlic may be easily frozen.

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barrington river organic garlicBarrington River Organic Farm, Tea Gardens
Fertile soil, cold winters and high rainfall makes Barrington an ideal place to plant garlic. Employing organic and biodynamic principles, Jan and Lesley enrich their soils with wood ash and oyster shells. They grow one variety, Glen Large (Italian Pink). ACO Certification No. 10089.

Borrowed LandBorrowed Land, Robertson
The name pays respect to the original occupants of the region, the Gundungurra and Wodi Wodi peoples. Penny Simons and Sahlan Hayes hand weed, pick and sort the garlic by hand. They use organic, permaculture and bio-dynamic farming/gardening techniques, and no chemicals are used on the land.

Boutique GarlicBoutique Garlic, Springside
Dougal combines many different methods to grow food, including conventional, organic, biodynamic, holistic and scientific. He mainly grows garlic, up to ten acres each year, including the NZ Purple, Monaro, Printator (commonly known as Australian White) and Elephant Garlic varieties.

Brightside ProduceBrightside Produce, Captains Flat
Emily Yarra and Michael Kobier produce a range of heirloom vegetables on their small biological farm. They sell through weekly produce boxes, with an array of seasonal vegetables and eggs, delivered to a central collection point in Canberra.

Bungonia CreekBungonia Creek, Bungonia
Melissa and David Armstrong hand plant and harvest Monaro Purple garlic. They prepare the soil with organic and mineral soil conditioners, and biodynamic preparations in summer, and sow the garlic in autumn. During winter, the garlic is kept mulched, watered, and weeded, before harvesting in November.

gourmet garlic companyByron Bay Garlic Company, Byron Bay
Will and Vanessa Cotterill produce Purple, White, Black (fermented) and Russian garlic (garleek) using biodynamic methods; to enrich the soil they use free range chickens, compost and green manure.

farm gate nashdale fruit garlicThe Farmgate, Nashdale
John, daughter Katie and son-in-law Beau are third and fourth-generation farmers plant mainly Italian Red with a few other varieties by hand, totalling around 45 000 in the ground.

four-acre-farmFour Acre Farm, Dungog
Dom Northam and Tom Christie use permaculture principles in their small market garden. Their main crop is a hardneck variety that they call ‘Italian Purple’, and they are also trialing several other cultivars.

the garlicsmithThe garlicsmith, Orange
Jez and Bee Smith sow, weed, and harvest their garlic by hand. The subsequent hanging, curing and trimming is also by hand. The garlic is grown in rich volcanic soil – aided by bio-weed, bio-seaweed and bio-fungicide – and the sun, rain and bore water.

garlic farmacyGarlic Farmacy, Mungay Creek
Stephen and Kerrianne McNamara grow hard neck and soft neck varieties using organic processes, up river in the Macleay Valley. They use biodynamic and organic nutrients, many of which are made on-farm, with no use of chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.

gilles australian garlicGilles Australian Garlic, Jembaicumbene
Gilles Bonin and Victoria Clutterbuck produce Australian Purple Hard Neck garlic in an ideal climate: cold in winter, and hot and dry during summer. They don’t use chemicals or pesticides, preferring green manure crops, compost and natural minerals for biological soil balancing.

goulbourn garlicGoulburn Garlic, Goulburn
Jane Sherborne-Higgins and Harold Higgins produce three varieties of garlic: Monaro Purple, Italian Red and Italian White. They farm using biodynamic methods, using no chemicals or heavy machinery, with everything done by hand.

green goddess garlicGreen Goddess Farm, Findon Creek
Rhys Minton and Sasha Welker grow up to 40 different kinds of vegetables, fruits and flowers on their 3.5 acre certified organic farm. They grow Russian Garlic.

green heart organic garlicGreen Heart Organic Garlic, Roberston
Mat Campbell and Annie Clark grow and sell three varieties of certified organic garlic—hard neck, soft neck and Russian—in the volcanic soils and cold winters of the Southern Highlands. They pop, plant, propagate, harvest, cure and sell all the garlic by hand.

Hunter Valley ProduceHunter Valley Produce, Cedar Creek
Amber and Jeremy hand weed their garlic crops and do not use synthetic chemicals. They also practice crop rotation to ensure that their produce is rich with minerals and nutrients. They grow purple Australian and Italian pink garlic.

ingelara garlicIngelara, Michelago
Ingelara is a biodynamic farm owned and run by Tobias and Beatrice Koenig, Peter Bottomley and Gini Osborne. Together with John Pye and Angus Boxall, they produce two garlic varieties: Monaro Red Hardneck and Australian White Softneck.

macquariedale organic garlicMacquariedale Organic Wine, Rothbury
Ross and Derice McDonald prepare the soil for a few years with crops to enrich it with organic matter and nutrients. They then apply biodynamic preparations. The garlic is planted in autumn and harvested in summer; with patience, they are rewarded with a fresh, flavoursome, and an alive product.

moore wollombi garlicMoore Wollombi Garlic, Wollombi
Dean and Natalie Moore have a strong paddock-to-plate philosophy, growing feed for their livestock, and producing meat and vegetables. Located near the southern gateway to Hunter Valley, they enjoy cool winters and warm spring weather, ideal growing conditions for early season Red garlic.

morganics farmMorganics Farm, Mt Canobolas
Libby and Ken Morgan believe the rich volcanic soil, 1 100 metres above sea level, with winter rain and snow followed by hot, dry summers, gives their garlic a wonderful flavour. They produce Purple hard-stemmed, pearly White Soft-neck and Silverskin garlic.

myrtle creek garlicMyrtle Creek Garlic, Wyndham
Annabel and Josh Dorrough grow without chemical fertilisers, herbicides or fungicides. Varieties include: Italian Purple Stripe, White porcelain, Chesnock Red, Germidour, Transylvanian, Printanor, Italian White and Giant Russian (Elephant).

mystery creek garlicMystery Creek Farm, Skillion Flat
Astrid McCormick, located near Kempsey, produces Italian White and Russian garlic using organic methods. The produce is grown free of synthetic chemicals.

near river produce garlicNear River Produce, Hollisdale
Therese and Andrew Fearne farm organically and follow many of the principles of Eliot Coleman and Joel Salatin. Each clove is cultivated and harvested by hand. Mulch, biodynamic preparations and compost teas applied to enrich the soil.

ontos garlicOntos Garlic, W Tree
Fred Koch and Neroli Hadfield grow organic purple hard neck. They try to make use of innovations such as using mulch collected from our paddocks and the creation of planting and harvesting tools.

park hill garlicPark Hill Garlic, Moss Vale
Margie Stuart produces garlic without sprays, pesticides or chemicals. She uses untreated rainwater and plants, cultivates and harvests by hand. Two varieties are grown: the hard neck Rocombole, with a beautiful rounded full flavour, and a long lasting White one.

patrice newell garlicPatrice Newell, Gundy
Patrice Newell and Phillip Adams have been the custodians of biodynamic Elmswood Farm for 26 years. Their main crop is a Purple variety; it grows without pest problems, can be peeled easily and tastes marvellous! It’s an old-style variety, closely related to wild garlic. They also grow Soft-neck White garlic.

pokolbin purplePokolbin Purple, Pokolbin
In the midst of Hunter Valley Wine country, with rich organic clay soils, Elizabeth organically grows and hand processes garlic. Through taste and performance selection, she is concentrating on growing three main varieties: Italian Pink, Italian Purple and Rojo de Castro.

rochford organic garlicRochford Organic Garlic, Tenterfield
Certified organic/biodynamic since 2001, Dick and Dora Rochford specialize in two varieties of garlic: the Oriental Purple and the Elephant (Russian). They use the African Love grass as mulch; a water wheel and solar pump is used for irrigation; and their home is solar powered.

snowy mountains garlicSnowy Mountain Garlic, Jindabyne
Stephen Wallis grows garlic using certified organic and biodynamic fertilisers in the Australian Alps, at an altitude of 1 160 metres above sea level. He grows the Monaro Purple and Italian White varieties.

stellar garlicStellar Garlic, Mitchells Island
Using homegrown compost and mulch, Ian and Stella Rowland plant the garlic in rich soil. The Purple Hard Neck Garlic and the hotter White Soft Neck are grown.

sweet water farmSweet Water Farm, West Kempsey
The certified organic farm is comprised of 25 acres on the edge of the mighty Macleay River on the mid coast of New South Wales. Marcus Skipper and Sally Jane Ayre-Smith grow two varieties: Russian garlic and Rosie’s, a French Garlic.

sylva lining organics garlicSylva Lining Organics, Eungella
The family owned and run business was born from the desire to provide highly nutritional, clean organic food for the family. Ian Willis and Sylva Oblerholster specialise in Russian and Spanish Garlic seasonally available from October.

Westmead Park Natural FarmWestmead Park Natural Farm, Braidwood
Alison has been growing garlic for her extended family for many years. The garlic is grown without chemicals or pesticides, and is hand sown, hand weeded and hand harvested. The main crop is hard necked purple garlic; she also grows Australian white, and will offer soft necked varieties in future seasons.

Wynlen HouseWynlen House, Braidwood
Bronwyn and Helen grow a variety of garlic, including hard neck purple and hard neck white, Spanish Roja, Dunganski, and Silver Skin at the micro farm. They draw on a range of organic philosophies in their practice, including bio-dynamic, permaculture and biological.

Angelica Organic Farm Garlic braidsAngelica Organic Farm, Glenlyon
Tim and Deri-Anne Wyatt produce certified organic Red Rocambole garlic almost entirely by hand in the Daylesford region. Buy their lovingly grown garlic through their online shop or at farmers’ market stalls in Melbourne.

blue sky organicsBlue Sky Organics, Murrindal
The family grows several varieties of garlic: Red Rocambole, Tasmanian Purple, Silverskin, White Crookneck and Elephant (Russian). The garlic is grown without the use of any pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilizers and is hand planted, hand weeded and hand harvested.

blue tongue berries garlicBlue Tongue Berries, Seymour
Nick Bray and Cynthia Lim planted their first large crop of 1 500 white and purple Australian garlic in the Autumn of 2012; a successful harvest saw them increase production to 3 000 the next year.

green door garlicCrofters Fold Garlic, Kyneton
In 2006 Ashley planted his first organic garlic clove, gifted by a family friend who had been growing for more than 30 years. Each year since then, Ashley Wren has been sowing, weeding, harvesting, cleaning each beautiful bulb by hand.

illys ethical farmGarlic World, Port Campbell
Simon and Sarah Illingworth grow garlic using natural spring water, manure and mulch. Their grow many varieties including Californian Late ‘USA’, Rose Du Var ‘French’, Rojo De Castro ‘Cuban Purple’ and Russian Pink.

high country farmHigh Country Farm, Mansfield
Josh and Edwina pack their bags and moved from the big smoke to the high country of Victoria to grow garlic. They use organic farming principles, and do everything by hand – planting, weeding, picking, curing, and packing.

green temple garlicKatamatite Garlic, Katamatite
Grahame and Lisa Eddy grow their garlic using permaculture principles and organic methods to gradually improve the soil. No chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or soil conditioners are used. The Rocambole purple striped skin and the Silver Skin are grown.

mirboo farmMirboo Farm, Mirboo
Kirsten Jones produces a small boutique crop of chemical-free garlic, with planting and weeding by hand. The soil is fertilised with organic matter from neighbouring farms. The main variety grown is the Red Italian hard neck, with some soft neck varieties: Rose du Var, Aussie White and Italian Late.

mirboo farmShambani Garlic, Junotown
Hamish and Lindy grow Shambani purple, rose du var and white printanor garlic naturally without chemical pesticides. Instead they use seaweed and fish products along with horse and chicken manures. All the garlic is planted, mulched, weeded and harvested by hand. Failed crop

top hundred acresTop Hundred Acres, north of Melbourne
Kate and Judy Rothacker source certified organic seed stock and grow without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. The crop is weeded by hand and the soil is fed with organic inputs such as manures. The garlic is watered with rainwater pumped from the dam, harvested by hand and cured to ensure long storage life.

weyhill farmWeyhill Farm, Ranceby
Stewart Trent and Julie Wallace hand plant and hand harvest their garlic in the clay loam soil. They grow mostly Monaro Rocambole, using organic growing principals, natural feed and fertilisers.

See NSW producers.

mary valley garlicMary Valley Garlic, Lagoon Pocket
Naturaleza Farm is a small family-run regenerative agriculture property. Luke and Ken Stacey produce three types of garlic annually, Glen Large, Australian Purple and the family heirloom, the Giant Elephant. They use a range of techniques to mimic natural ecosystem processes.

super natural organicsSuper Natural Organics, Tewantin
Peter Doff and Wendy Robertson grow Giant Russian and Asiatic garlic on their small acreage farm. They use mulch hay to suppress weeds, reduce water consumption, avoids soil erosion and nutrient leaching. They apply humus-rich compost for healthy plants that resist pests and diseases.

ananda organic garlicAllisford Farm, Beachport
Shirley Brown about 15 different varieties on the certified organic farm. The hard neck garlic, she explains, has better flavour yet poorer keeping qualities, whereas the soft neck garlic stores well.

ananda garlicAnanda Organic, Naracoorte
Elizabeth and Rob hand till their soil, and the garlic is hand planted, weeded and harvested. They use only the very best organic fertilisers and mulch. Both are passionate about organic food and try to grow as much of their own healthy organic food as possible.

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greenman organicsGreenman Organics, Osmington
Mike Thompson and Lee Jeffress plant garlic in autumn and harvest in the summer. The bulbs are from a purple hard-neck cultivar that can be traced back to the 60s. Once the garlic is picked, the leafy tops are plaited and the bulbs are hung up to dry for three to four weeks.

osmington millOsmington Mill Garlic, Margaret River
Jeanette and Richard Mill grow three styles of garlic, the Purple Stripe, Californian White and Rojo, without the use of artificial fertilisers or sprays. They plant, weeded and harvest the garlic by hand.

brymworth farmBrymworth Farm, Flinders Island
Mark and Sophie Pitchford grow Flinders Island Purple Garlic and the Spanish Rojo varieties on their small family farm.

Hobart City FarmHobart City Farm, Hobart
Hannah, Bridget, Louise, James and Sam have harvested their first crop of garlic, grown in their small urban farm. The garlic was grown in a space just 15 by 20 metres, demonstrating that a vast amount of food can be grown in any suburban block.

king island natural garlicKing Island Natural Garlic, King Island
Carmen Holloway grows a range of garlic cultivars, specializing in late storing, red skinned Creole, which is available later in the year. She grows using permaculture and biological principles, with no pesticide, herbicide, fumigants, bleach or GMO. The garlic is available at the farmgate, King Island markets, and through mail order.

old school farmOld School Farm, Preston
Run by the residents of the Old Preston Primary School, the farm grows garlic using biological principles; they don’t work the ground too much, nor do they use fungicides, insecticides, harsh fertilizers or herbicides.

green door garlic tasmaniaTasmanian Natural Garlic, Meander Valley
Rosie and Andrew MacKinnon grow nine varieties of garlic at Mouquet Farm. Green spring garlic and scapes are available in November; the plants are harvested and dried for selling after Christmas, with bulbs and plaits from January to late winter and cloves through the autumn.

tasmanian black garlicTasmanian Black Garlic Co, Huon Valley
Jacquay and Bruce Christie produce Purple and Black (fermented) garlic. Their pigs weed, till and fertilise the soil; green manure crop is sown; raised beds are formed and dusted with organic soil conditioner; garlic is planted; mulched applied; garlic is harvested; then hung to air dry and cure.

letitia wareTasmanian Gourmet Garlic, Middleton
Letitia Ware grows a variety of specialty cultivars, selected for unrivalled culinary excellence. The garlic is grown certified organically and ecologically in cold climate conditions to intensify their quality, flavour and aroma.

Contribute: Do you know a farm that should be here? Email info AT flavourcrusader DOT com for inclusion. Learn more about the directories.

29 Responses to Australian chemical-free and organic garlic directory

  1. Todd Baker says:

    Bravo! Chinesse garlic is rubbish and we do, as you point out, have excellent alternatives. Yes it costs more per clove but the intensity of flavour far outstrips the price difference. Excellent post!

  2. At our farm we make sure we do not use pesticides and grow an honest product. We work with biodynamic principles and so the flavour of the garlic is better, the garlic is healthier and so are we and our customers!

  3. Libby Morgan says:

    Hello Sharon, thanks for including us on your excellent site. We all need to spread the word about LOCAL and SEASONAL food. FYI as well as the purple stripe variety we are now up to stock with our silverskin variety. And were awarded 2 silver medals at 2014 Melbourne Fine Food Awards.

    1. Sharon says:

      My pleasure! I’ve added the silverskin.

  4. Roberta Mears says:

    Would love to know where I can buy organic aussie grown garlic. Currently am in Sydney in Pyrmont

    1. Sharon says:

      Gilles Bonin Garlic grow chemical-free and sell at Pyrmont markets, Morganic sell at Eveleigh. Visit their websites for more information; November/December they should begin selling.

    2. Murray says:

      Hi – I grow organic garlic in the Southern Highlands but live in Pyrmont if you are still looking for great garlic. Email me on

  5. Keith says:

    Hi I’m Looking to Buy Red Russian garlic & Glen Large White if any one can help me I live North Of Bundaberg

  6. Helen says:

    Hi ! I want to buy garlic whether fresh or dry without pesticides organic and NOT imported from overseas . I live in sydney can you please tell me where is the closest place to buy or if i can order it online . Thank you.

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi Helen,
      Check out your closest farmers’ market ( and you might have some luck. It’s getting a bit late in the season though. You can always order online direct from a farmer (above). Many are already sold out, so I’d do it soon.

    2. piroz says:


      I want a pure organic garlic and ginger. Can you please let me know how to order 1 kg each

      2/22 Spencer street
      Toowoomba 4350

  7. Peter says:

    Trying to find were I can buy cold smoked garlic in Perth

    1. MikeT says:

      I will have my cold smoked garlic at Margaret River Farmers Market about xmas.

  8. Nick Sang says:

    Hi,I want to learn how to plant the Australian Local Garlic in NSW,could you like to help me?
    Are there some school or taff in Sydney?


    B’rgds/NicK Sang

  9. Dean Spakianos says:

    Can you please send us phone no so we can talk to you thanks kindly. >

  10. Robert Stitt says:

    What concerns me is the fact that I planted some of that terrible white garlic from China and it grew. Meant to have been fumigated with Methyl Bromide,,,,should stop it growing!! No wonder we have troubles, use only Australian organic products.

  11. king abraham says:

    hello, i was wanting info on growing australian garlic, i have a small hobby farm in bangalow nsw, and wanting to plant a small plot of organic australian garlic, could i get some info please

  12. J walker says:

    My wife and I are hoping to start up a small organic garlic farm in the Adelaide hills by next season, I’m just wondering if you could point me in the right direction to someone who may be able to help out with some information on where to purchase seed stock and possibly other tips on setting up a small garlic farm.
    I will try contacting the farms in SA you have mentioned on this site and see if they are able to help out.

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi josh,
      Contacting the farmers here, near you is the best first step. I hope they can help out. If no seedstock arises you could also try to buy from farmhouse direct, also there are more producers listed here

      Best of luck!

  13. J walker says:

    Thanks Sharon,
    We move to our new house and acerage next week so once we are settled in, hopefully we can start getting things ready to go!
    Thanks for the additional link

  14. Charles says:

    greetings……….. i wondering if you can recommend any red/purple vareties for warmer climates[bellingen river valley]……..thanks for your informative area………cheers

    1. Sharon says:

      Hey Charles,
      I wouldn’t know but there are a few growers listed near you. Why don’t you email them for tips – most are generous with their knowledge.


  15. brooke watson says:

    Thank you for this very useful post.
    I am on Norfolk Island and hope to import organic Australian garlic to grow here in a sub-tropical / temperate climate. Plenty of water, and good volcanic soil.
    Brooke Watson
    ABN: 81101042931
    Ph: +672 3 53203

  16. Hannah Cullen says:

    Hi, my husband and I live in North Queensland and are thinking of growing garlic! We are unsure though of which type of garlic would grow best in our climate? We are also wondering how you go about selling your garlic once it’s ready for harvest? Any tips of new comers to the garlic world would be much appreciated. Also where can a buy a good quality organic garlic to start off our crop?

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi Hannah, I don’t know of any garlic farmers near you – I usually tell people to ask questions / buy garlic from farms nearby.

      You can ask the people at Green Harvest if garlic can be grown in your climate, and if so, which variety is best for your location (they sell bulbs).

      People usually begin by growing one harvest then replanting the bulbs for the next until the stock builds up. Plenty of time to investigate the market! Start with farmers’ markets, perhaps team up with other farmers deliveries, cooperatives, and online. Find out where people buy food from farmers locally.

      Good luck!

  17. dave fergusson says:

    Planting at the end of April works well for me in WA. using only the largest choice cloves from any previous crops. I plant in blocks about 15cms apart after forking in sheep manure, chicken manure pellets. Blood & bone. a little lime & coffee grounds! Nearly all my garlic bulbs are bigger than a man`s fist, & they are curing beautifully!

  18. Adam says:

    Hello there, just wondering about the possibility of selling garlic after producing. I am from Queensland.

  19. gary carroll says:

    Hi, i’m looking dried ground garlic from Australian grown garlic,do you know if there is such a thing?There are plenty of sites with this product but all from imported garlic,what a shame! regards,Gary.

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