We’re taking back… Eggs!

backyard chickenIn this Age where popcorn comes pre-made,
some reject the status quo.
Instead, they make and grow their own.
This time, we’re talking about eggs.

Did it start with a kitchen garden?
“Why not a chicken?” you said.

Did you hit decision fatigue?
Free-range? Organic? Barn laid? Omega 3?

Perhaps just disappointment.
Poached eggs failed, yet again.

No local farmer, store or market?
You thought

Or was it the promise of truly fresh eggs?

A backyard chicken to

  • fertilise
  • control insects and weeds
  • eat scraps

Maintain the magnificent breeds.

Or show your kids what came first.



Share your chicken and eggs!

Contribute: Send me photos of your backyard chicken / eggs / egg dishes, we’re going to make a movie! Include you chicken’s name, breed and complete the sentence “My human loves me because…” Email your photos and blurbs to info AT flavourcrusader DOT com or ping me at @flavourcrusader.

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