Food photography FTW

merri beeIt has been a hectic month. I’ve just started a Masters of Public Health which should be called a Masters of Heart Palpitations Because of All the Assignments! Today was the first day I could kind of relax, knocking back small wins for work, homework, wireframes for FlavourCrusader and the Facebook change to timeline.

Which is rather minimal. I’ve decided to put a cover image submitted by you, dear reader. Ideal are blessed photographs from the garden or farm. Have happy animals? Show us! And gorgeous fruits and vegetables. Also lovely would be cooking photos. Or a dish if you please. Send large, wide photos to me.

I’ll try and put a new one up every Friday, see how we go. If you do the markets on the weekend, send your photo and let me know where and when the market is. And what you’re selling. Or just share what’s happening on the farm. Okay!?

Winners like us on Facebook :)

The inaugural photo was from Merri Bee Organic farm in Western Australia. Thanks Bee, Stewart and Lee!

Contribute your food photos. Scenes from the garden, farm, kitchen or dining table. Food photos (produce or dishes) communicating vibrant, earthy and delightful. Size, try for at least 900px wide and 500px high. Email photos to info AT flavourcrusader DOT com

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