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katinka dayI was flirting with the idea of making my own muesli, yet what to put in it? A serendipitous click to Katinka’s muesli post sorted me out. Oh, the possibilities! Fabulous photography. Wonderfully detailed. And written to demystify food. Introducing Katinka…

Before the age of 20, I didn’t question anything I ate. A steak was a steak and an egg was just an egg. Then one day I experienced a moment that altered my whole perception of food. It was a 30-minute Hack segment on Triple J about abattoirs. The reporter was inside and describing what was going on around him. I made my mind up immediately; there was no way I could eat meat again and cause suffering to these animals.

My vegetarianism changed my whole outlook on food. Suddenly I was inspired to cook for myself, be creative in what I was cooking and think more about where my food was coming from. I was struggling for information and constantly confused by the abundance of labels suggesting the product was fair or sustainable in some way. I decided to clear up the muddiness with my blog, the thoughtful eater. I try to encourage people to be more connected with their food, whether this means making food yourself from scratch, knowing where it has come from or better understanding its health attributes.

katinka day foodOne of my first cooking inspirations was Kylie Kwong’s cookbook “It Tastes Better”. Inspired from one of Kylie’s recipes, I’ve chosen to cook a kipfler potato salad with a garlic and tahini using biodynamic eggs from Paul and Virginia Kurtz’s farm in Oberon.

The ideals behind biodynamic farming are beautiful and have inspired my approach to food. It’s based on the idea that we are all interconnected and that the natural cycles of the earth should be followed when farming. I was fortunate enough to visit their farm and was overwhelmed with how happy the cows, goats, chickens and sheep were. These are the practices I feel like we should emulate so that our food is brought up in an ethical manner which not only is good for the animals but tastes delicious as well!

I hope that the future of farming can move away from the processes that are currently occurring within the industrialised food industry. I wish that people would demand higher quality, well-grown meat and produce and appreciate that this comes at a slightly higher price. Education is key. I think nutrition and food should be taught at schools so that from an early age, people understand where their food comes from and can make informed decisions for the rest of their life.

And when it all gets too confusing I like to refer to Michael Pollan’s words of advice “eat food, not too much, mostly plants” :)

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  1. Sharon says:

    Than you Katinka for your beautiful words! (And dish).

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