Mercimek corbasi – Turkish lentil soup

turkish lentil soupI remember being on my deathbed—I mean, when I had the flu—and thinking… Need. Turkish. Lentil. Soup. Everything that was me, ached. I felt a million years old! Yet somehow I summoned the strength to walk to Sarays in Enmore for a bowl of soothing warm.

But there’s no need to drag your tired body up the road. Here’s a recipe for you!
Mercimek corbasi
Serves 4

1 medium onion, diced
1 large potato, diced
1 carrot, diced
2 tbsp oil
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 cup red lentil (picked over, washed and drained)
6-7 cups of chicken stock (ideally homemade)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp of something red and hot (either red pepper flakes or a long, mild fresh chilli)

To serve
1 lemon

Here’s how you make awesome
Heat the olive oil in a pot at medium heat; when warm, add the diced onion.
Sauté for ten minutes or until soft and translucent; add the diced carrots and potatoes and sauté for 3 minutes.
Add the tomato paste and stir until thoroughly blended.
Add the red lentils, chicken stock and pepper.
Stir well and cover, leaving the lid slightly ajar.
Bring to the boil, then simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until the carrots and potatoes are soft.
Blend the soup until smooth.
Taste for seasoning and add salt and pepper as desired.

In a small frying pan, place the butter and melt over low-medium heat.
When it begins to split, add the chilli and fry for 1 minute.
Pour the melted butter and chilli over the soup.

Serve with lemon.

The soup is delicious with a spinach/yogurt dish or Mediterranean green beans or even plain green beans dressed with olive oil and lemon. You know, something fresh and green. Turkish bread if you have it and hummus too.

Share the deliciousness you made
If you make this soup, or a variant of it, please tweet a photo to me @Flavourcrusader or email me info AT flavourcrusader DOT com and I’ll post it here.

katrina lim@Katster904 says: Lentil mushroom & carrot soup with #HomeBaked sourdough.

5 Responses to Mercimek corbasi – Turkish lentil soup

  1. Imogen says:

    Lovely! So as promised, here is my Moroccan lentil soup. I will give you the original & then tell you how I modify it.

    200g red lentils soaked overnight & drained
    2 medium onions, grated or very finely chopped (red or white or 1 of each best)
    1.5l vegetarian or chicken stock
    2tbsp tomato paste
    2tbsp olive oil
    1tbsp paprika (not hot)
    1 cup fine chopped mint

    Gently cook the onion in the oil- don’t brown it.

    Add everything else except the paprika & mint, and simmer for about an hour – 90 minutes uncovered, stirring occasionally. You want a god soup consistency, not too chunky, not too runny. The lentils wil break down a bit so you don’t need to blend this soup.

    Stir in paprika and mint, cook for another 5 -10 mins.

    Salt to taste.

    Serve with yoghurt & bread

    My variations:
    I’ve used virtually any lentil with great results & you can do a rapid boil for an hour to cook them rather than soaking overnight

    I add lots more tomato paste- I think it’s much nicer with a great deal more tomato base, makes for a richer depth of flavour which balances the mint IMHO. I also add way more paprika for the same reason. So don’t be afraid to play with these two ingredients in particular.

    This is one of my very favourite soups, hope you like it, looking forward to trying yours this week :-)

    1. Sharon says:

      Thank you Imogen!
      I like the “god soup consistency” :))))
      I’m doing a chickpea something dish tomoz, but I will try yours soon.
      Yes, can see how the paprika and tomato adds the oomph.
      I *do* love everything Moroccan
      Thank you for sharing!

      1. Imogen says:

        Haha, no worries. Me typing on iPad with hiccups did make for some good typos didn’t it!

  2. Mr Hungry says:

    I don’t have the flu, but can someone please make me some of this soup? it sounds nom nom nom. I will organise the crusty bread, and I prefer sour cream than yoghurt! When’s a good time?

  3. selim says:

    Elinize sağlık çok güzel bir anlatın olmuş.Böyle tariflerin çoğalması dileğiyle.

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