From paddock to plate: a pig’s life

tammi jonas cheers!I’m delighted to introduce you to the Jonas family (aka the Jonai) of Daylesford, and if you recall, you’ve met Tammi Jonas before. She’s kindly agreed to let me track a litter of their Large Black pigs from paddock to plate. In doing so, I hope to show you what Joel Salatin calls, the ‘pigness of the pig’; they’re free to roam on pasture, root and wallow as they would in the wild.

jonai farms october27 October: Big Mama looking smug.
jonai farms happy16 September: Sunday arvo
muddy happy8 September: And some muddy #happypiggehs

tummy rub5 August: Borg’s just a big ole softy when there’s a belly rub on offer.

weaners4 August: Gorgeous weaners out in the paddock

runt29 July: Nursing a runty piglet is lovely…

happy piggeh10 June: Piggehs will be piggie

large black pig jonai20 May: What a difference 2 weeks makes!

large black pig jonai4 May: Good morning, #babbypiggehs!

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