Fresh egg test

fresh eggWant creamy yolks, whites with bite and eggy-flavoured egg? It’s all in the freshness.

Don’t know if your eggs are fresh? Put them to the test!
fresh egg test freshTest One
Fill a bowl or jar with water and gently place the egg on the water’s surface.

If the egg sinks to the bottom, it’s fresh!

fresh egg test notIf it floats to the top, it’s not!

fresh egg test fresh Test Two
Crack your egg onto a plate. If the yolk is sitting high, and the albumen (egg white) is well-defined, it’s fresh!

fresh egg test notIf the yolk is flat and the albumen is runny, it’s not!

backyard chickenTop tips
Get yourself one of these. Or become friends with someone who has one. Alternatively, ask a farmer when their eggs were laid.

Store eggs in the fridge; one day on the counter ages an egg as much as one week in the fridge.
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