Sticking it to the Big Two

wooloworths coles protest“If you believe that your township should not have something you should fight and make sure that your voice is heard. Australians in this day and age have an understanding of what’s important in their township. They don’t need to be bossed around (or bullied around) by someone like Woolworths,” Mayor Tim Heenan, Mount Evelyn.

This directory is for beautiful Mullumbimby.

The last time I visited there were two butchers, a few greengrocers (with produce grown in rich, volcanic soil), a baker and a wholefoods store. A farmers’ market, a bottleshop, two independent supermarkets and a magnificent deli. So much deliciousness in one small town. The community put up a great fight against a proposed Woolworths development and Byron Council rejected the proposal. However, then planning minister Frank Sartor rubber stamped his approval on a big box on the outskirts of town. They sent him a fiery message. Woolworths was erected. I wonder how the town has fared. Do you know?

Below documents community battles against ColeWorths. Their reasons vary. To preserve a healthy and local economy. To retain the character of the town. To preserve wildlife and habitat. To decide the future of the towns that they live in.

If your town is readying for a battle, contact the various resident groups and learn from history.

Contribute: Do you know of any winning, losing or ongoing battles with ColeWorths? Any links, amendments or details are much appreciated. You can email info AT flavourcrusader DOT com or leave a message below.


A long battle between residents and Woolworths is still ensuing over the supermarket’s proposed plans for Newport (NSW). The third proposed concept plans shows a supermarket of 3000 square metres.

Small businesses remain fearful of the proposed Woolworths in Woolgoolga (NSW).

The community of Seville (VIC) of population 1800, are fighting the proposed 3100 metre square Woolworths store.

The council of Eurobodalla Bay (NSW) rejected Woolworth’s development application mainly citing objections to the size and scale.

In Moree (NSW) Woolworths pulled out of plans to develop upon an Aboriginal burial site.

After a six-year battle, the community of Mount Evelyn (NSW) successfully fought the proposed Woolworths/Safeway development.

The mysterious hamburger man (PDF) and the community of Samford (QLD) curtailed plans for a sizable Woolworths complex to be built in the village.

The Copper Coast Community Watch group at Wallaroo (SA) were successful in their campaign to prevent Woolworths moving into their town.

Residents contested the building of Woolworths in Erskineville (NSW). Sydney Council rejected the development application due to its scale that would pose significant impacts on traffic and residential amenities. Upon a vast reduction in size, the council approved the plans.

At an extraordinary meeting Lane Cove (NSW) councillors met to approve the development of Woolworths, just three days after receiving complex legal papers.

Against community wishes, the Woolworths development went ahead in Macksville (NSW) with repercussions to the local economy.

The community of Maleny (QLD) struggled against the proposed Woolworths construction on the eastern bank of Obi Obi Creek.

Woolworths was constructed outside the centre of Mittagong (NSW) with short and long-term economic impacts on the town.

Residents of Mullumbimby and Byron Shire Council (NSW) objected to the development of a big box Woolworths on the outskirts of their town. Then Planning Minister Frank Sartor approved the construction of a supermarket on the site.

Thornleigh (NSW) residents fought for to save the village-like atmosphere, small retailers and tranquility against the proposed Woolworths redevelopment of an existing shopping plaza.

Contribute: Do you know of any winning, losing or ongoing battles with ColeWorths? Any links, amendments or details are much appreciated. You can email info AT flavourcrusader DOT com or leave a message below.

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3 Responses to Sticking it to the Big Two

  1. Woolworths are going for rezoning of land at Yattalunga NSW. They are looking at a 9,000 sq M complex including 14 shops, gym, medical centre and a petrol station! Gosford City Council has rejected it but the Planing Minister may approve it…

    I would love to have contact with others that have fought against Woolies in the past…. win lose or draw I am sure that they’d all have great information to share.

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