GM labelling defeated, but who needs labelling when…

prop 37 food corporation brand fundingYou may or may not be aware of Prop 37 which called for the mandatory labelling of genetically engineered food in California. It was put to the people to vote last night, and was defeated by six percentage points. Some say because of lies, dirty tricks, and $US 45 million. ¡Ay, caramba!

But all is not lost. There is heightened public awareness about GM food and the food movement has learned a few lessons. New initiatives are already planned for Washington state and Oregon.

And what of the funders who pitched to oppose? Of course, you’d expect to see Monsanto, Dupont, Bayer, Syngenta, BASF and Dow, makers of genetically engineered seed, chemicals and pesticides.

Interestingly, Corporate Food came up trumps. Here’s a handy list.

  1. Pepsico $US 2,485,400
  2. Grocery Manufacturers Association $US 2,441,500; they represent over 300 businesses including Proctor & Gamble (although we can’t say for sure if they contributed)
  3. Coca-Cola $US 1,700,500
  4. Kraft Foods $US 1,646,000
  5. Nestle USA $US 1,461,600
  6. General Mills $US 1,230,300
  7. Kellogg Company $US 790,700
  8. Mars Incorporated $US 498,350
  9. Unilever $US 467,100
  10. Mondelez $US 181,000

Oh y’know…. it kinda looks like this! Click the graphic to see the large version (you may have seen this before…)
prop 37 corporate big food donations

Oh, Corporate Food! What’s to hide? Hmmm?

cc images by Abode of Chaos and convergence alimentaire

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2 Responses to GM labelling defeated, but who needs labelling when…

  1. Rosie Baker says:

    Really interesting to see the tentacles of large corporations

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi Rosie – sure is – wonder how things look at the board level too…

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