TrackMyMacca’s – Get Real!

“Most people like the taste of McDonalds, but there’s just some confusion about just how real our food is.”

There’s a vast distance between paddock to plate when you mass manufacture food. To bridge the gap, McDonalds Australia released a new iPhone app TrackMyMacca’s whereby their customers can track the origins of their food. Upon purchasing a burger, the customer can take a photo of the box; the app uses image recognition, GPS and date/time to connect to supply chain data. It returns an augmented reality animation with links to information about where some of the ingredients came from.

The app continues McDonalds’ transparency theme previously explored in their self-funded “documentary” McDonalds Gets Grilled, that I previously posted about (here and here).

But it doesn’t go far enough.

Who grew my colour 160b? Did it come from the same farm as 160c? What are the welfare conditions of my preservative 202? Or any of the cast of numerical ingredients in a burger.


Want to know the story of food? May I introduce Graham and Nancy of RobertJayne Pastured from Wedgecarrup, Western Australia. This looks a bit more real to me. No need for a food technologist, factory, additives, packaging, hundreds of kilometres of transport or smoke and mirrors in between.

I wish them well in their plans for 2013.

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