Breakfast is Born Again

breakfast born again
We’re busy with no time.
Or don’t care.
The first meal of the day is often the same
day after day after day.

Ugh cereal…
“I can’t eat this,” I said
and so my experiment began.

I’ve been playing with food
reveling in breakfast.
Oh my gosh
it’s frikken delicious!

Breakfast is Born Again.

Breakfast or bust
Eating breakfast is one of the best things you can do to start your day; it’s one of the seven healthy habits for a long life. It’s associated with lower stress levels, increased memory and amongst children, better behaviour, improvement in academic performance and enjoyment of school.

Breakfast in a jiffy
In case of morning emergency have eggs, bread, oatmeal, fruit or muesli on hand. If you can’t go without processed cereal, ensure it isn’t laced with salt or sugar; despite Corporate Food platitudes, breakfast cereals aren’t getting much better.

Breakfast doldrums
Whenever I get into a cooking or eating rut, I look around the world to inspire; this will blow your preconception of what breakfast can be.

breakfast sri lankaSri Lanka
String hoppers are made of rice flour; the dough is extruded to make noodles and steamed to cook. Toppings include sambol (a coconut, chilli and onion relish) and light curries.

breakfast egyptEgypt
Ful medames is a dish made from slow cooked and pureed broad beans. Accompaniments include flat bread, falafel, salad, pickles, white cheese and eggs.

breakfast japanJapan
Steamed rice and miso soup are served with side dishes. Commonly these are broiled fish, omelet, pickled vegetables, fermented soybeans and dried seaweed.

breakfast costa ricaCosta Rica
Gallo Pinto is a made with small red kidney beans and rice. For breakfast, it’s customarily served with scrambled eggs, plantains, cheese and a corn tortilla.

breakfast vietnamVietnam
Pho is a noodle soup with an aromatic broth base. It may be topped with thin slices of beef, lime juice, bean sprouts, chilies, onion, mint and basil.

breakfast malaysiaMalaysia
Nasi Lemak is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and a pandan leaf. It is accompanied by cucumber slices, small fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and sambal.

breakfast jamaicaJamaica
Ackee is a yellow fruit from a West African tree; it’s flesh looks and tastes like scrambled eggs. It’s sautéed with rehydrated salt cod, onions, peppers and tomatoes. Here, it’s served with breadfruit.

Breakfast is Born Again
Following are some ideas that range in time and complexity. An easy way to increase deliciousness is to modify what you currently eat. For example, if your usual fare is avocado on toast, you can rub garlic on the toast before adding the avocado, then add a dash of chilli sauce and a squeeze of lime at the end. Or you can make extra serves of lentil, chickpea or bean salad for dinner; eat the leftovers for breakfast. During winter, soup is a warming breakfast! Alternatively, plan an interesting breakfast on the weekend when you have more time.

oldmillroad japan@oldmillroad says: Onigiri and soup for breakfast is GREAT! I have been eating so little in comparison to home and I don’t need to tell you lot about how good and light Japanese food is. New leaf turning over here.

mindful foodie breakfast@mindfulfoodie says: Today’s breakfast took only 3 minutes because all I had to do was heat it up! A savory Indian porridge of mung bean bean curry that I made yesterday with basmati rice and red cabbage. Topped off with delicious #real #biodynamic #yoghurt with cream on top! Many cultures tend to have savory for breakfast. Including this take on the Indian rice and lentil dish kichari.

lentil chickpea patties@JohCook says: Dynamic Botanics sprouted chickpea, lentil & fenugreek patties with Spreyton mushrooms, Richmond spinach & @provenancegrown kunzea #tastetasmania

swiss brown mushroom spinach soba@FlavourCrusader says: EastWest breakfast: Meredith feta, Swiss brown mushrooms, kale on soba noodles.

corn kale@FlavourCrusader says: Choose Corn, not CornFlakes! Sauteed kale, corn, Meredith fetta, spring onions, garlic, Mexican hot sauce with salt and pepper. A squeeze of lemon or lime would be fancy, too.

lentil soup@FlavourCrusader says: Poached egg, lentil soup and chilli sauce for breakfast #pastured #pulses

tomato breakfast@crazybrave says: not too many more breakfasts like this #Ausumn

ful medames@FigJamLimeCordial says: Ful medames for breakfast!

israel breakfast@Foxs Lane said: How will I ever go back to muesli for breakfast? #israel #salad

tabouli babaganoush olives breadThe Back Yard Lemon Tree says: I love leftovers for breakfast; my absolute favourite is tabouli and baba ganoush. I also have a secret love for dahl on toast. It’s not the prettiest breakfast, but even my son will eat dahl on toast for brekkie.

poached eggs@GourmetGirlfriend says: Poached egg on Tomatillo salsa with cumin salt & green chile habanero.

beetroot goat cheese rocket@FlavourCrusader says: Beetroot, goat chevre, rocket and walnuts on sourdough with olive oil and must.

panzanella@FlavourCrusader says: Breakfast panzanella OMG! Day-old sourdough, tomatoes, basil, ricotta, red wine vinegar and garlic dressing.

breakfast middle eastern@FlavourCrusader says: Feasting Middle Eastern! Khubz (Iraqi bread), ful (mashed broad beans), feta, salad, walnuts and honey.

fig breakfast@GourmetGirlfriend says: Figs on sourdough with honey, plain yogurt and mint.

breakfast tzatziki@FlavourCrusader says: Deconstructed tzatziki is made with finely shaved cucumbers, dill and dressing (strained yogurt, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic) and served with Turkish bread.

breakfast asian noodles@FlavourCrusader says: This is my interpretation of breakfast Asian-stylee. Last night’s fish and veges on the side was transformed with Asian noodles and soy dressing.

breakfast bruschetta beetroot@FlavourCrusader says: This is bruschetta ala leftover. It’s made with toasted sourdough with beetroot, green beans, feta, thyme with a red wine vinegar dressing.

breakfast salad@GourmetGirlfriend says: Breakfast salad. Mango, avocado, orange, chilli and fresh coriander.

avocado breakfast@GourmetGirlfriend says: Avocado, fetta, fresh spring broadbeans, chilli and dill on sourdough toast.

breakfast phoenix hillPhoenixhill says: This broth is made from our own organic garlic, chicken and stock. Onions, parsnip, carrots, kale, pea shoots, chard and oyster mushrooms were from the local winter farmers market. It was seasoned with Celtic sea salt, locally made garlic powder and fresh crushed black pepper.

breakfast shakshuka@GourmetGirlfriend says: Shakshuka with Tuscan kale, feta and mint.

Can you make a delicious non-Western or plant-based breakfast? You can email your pic and description to info AT flavourcrusader DOT com, tweet it to me or add it to my Facebook wall.

Photos by Takeaway, sinester559, jasmined, istolethetv, Zachbe, xdom_sx, manalahmadkhan.

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