6 Responses to Easter Show 2013

  1. Claire says:

    What fantastic shots! I think my favourite is #2, though I love #6 and the plumage on #7.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks Claire! Oh, glad you like #2! My favourite is #1 (for the bird), #3 (for the mood) and #10 (for the pose). I love #7 as well for the plumage! #6 reminds me of Black Swan!!!

  3. lucy says:

    wow. WOW!

    such noble portraits, s. love them. (would love to see them in print somewhere!) x

    1. Sharon says:

      Thanks Lucy!
      Would be so great to do it for real like this photographer http://bit.ly/14nUz1V
      They’re SUCH amazing creatures!

      1. lucy says:

        um, hello! if i remember correctly, you ARE a real photographer, lassie. more trained than me, baby.

        now, let’s get my hasselblad, you and some prize-winning chooks together one day soon.

        1. Sharon says:

          POULTRY SHOW!

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