EcoCity Food Forum Lightning Talks

Healthy food systems are the foundation for healthy lives, communities, economies and ecosystems. In order to build a future for Melbourne in which we can all thrive, we need a food system that is sustainable, resilient and fair.

On Friday 22 March 2013, Doing Something Good in partnership with City of Melbourne, hosted a one day forum for those working toward a better food system.

The EcoCity Food Forum was a full day of participant led conversations, presentations, workshops and planning sessions with 150 passionate change makers and thought leaders from all over the city, around the state and across the country.

Find out more and be a part of it!

Lightening talks

Councillor Arron Wood – City of Melbourne

Nick Rose – Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

Ben Falloon – Taranaki Farm

Julie Woods – VicHealth

Tammi Jonas – Food Ethics

Kirsten Larsen – Open Food Web

Robert Pekin – Food Connect

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