^%&* Corporate Food; let’s fund the Family Farm!

crowdfund family farmWhen CEOs can sneeze and earn a million dollars whilst family farmers are packing up to go, you know that something is Wrong. We can grumble and moan, but whilst we do… some farmers are putting in the hard yards and making up something totally new. They know that food grown well, with flavour and with the support of their community is the way they’ll not only survive, but thrive.

So here’s to new models for the business of food! If you have no cash, de nada! Just share the news…

Help fund an on farm butchery at Jonai Farms
The Jonai have serious chops in ethical food and want to share their knowledge, facilities and skills.
Ends 11th June 2013

Help fund local sustainable farm tours
Food Connect Sydney is all about connecting city folk with farmers. They aim to start a rolling series of tours of local and sustainable farmers.
Ends 7th June 2013

Help fund Lantanaland
Beeso wants to show people how good food can taste if you grow or make it yourself. A little orchard at Lanataland should help kickstart his dream.
Ends 29th May 2013

Help fund Aussie Farmers to join the 200 million
Help send Australian family farmers to join La Via Campesina in Indonesia during June 2013. Cris and Lee-Anne Geri from Rawganix are so amazing and continually demonstrate a commitment to their community and growing healthy food.
Ends 13th May 2013

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