All hail the kale!

kale farmers markets
I found myself with binders full of kale. Binders, I tell you!

I mean what could I do? They were there, in the sun, at the markets.

Three kinds.

A surreptitious photo.

I’ve become that person. Portlandia, calling.

(Actually, Kings Cross).

It’s okay, the girl next to me taught yoga.

Anyway, I took them home.

kale eggs
Is that the eggiest egg you ever did see? With sautéed kale, ajvar (Serbian red capsicum relish) on sourdough bread.

That’s breakfast.

@imogenbirley primed me for kale pesto, just days ago.

“I’d put that in my face,” ‏@autumnfagus replied.

So would I!

kale sautee
Here we go now!

Rev it up with olive oil, onion and garlic. Sautée the kale, add salt and pepper, then boiled water to wilt. Whilst that’s all happening, bash the walnuts open. Or find pine nuts, whatevs. Grate Parmesan cheese. Bing bango it all in the blender, with more olive oil and shake it about to blend.



kale pesto
Find a glass jar and fill ‘er up!

Olive oil to seal.

If you want actual instructions or a riff of the idea, here’s Lucy’s post on kale, porcini and rosemary pesto.

Like she says, it’d be great “stirred through minestrone, eaten with a spoon from the jar, spread on toast, tossed through white beans, melted into hot polenta…”

kale pasta
Or ricotta and pasta.


P.S: Eat it quick, or freeze. Because botulism.

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