My Food Story

my food story
Oh my gosh how freaking delighted I was during the two weeks of this competition! It was so exciting to receive the entries, pigs and chooks and tales of abundance into my email. Ping! Ping! Oink! Bok!

Here are the winners:

pauline mak
“It’s not always about what you can grow to eat. Green manure is both tasty and essential for soil vitality!”

“Apple scrap vinegar. Who knew that you could take the scraps from your fruit, and turn them into something useful. These scraps are from our first real harvest of apples from our various apple trees. I was making some of them into a pie, and remembered that I had read somewhere about turning the scraps into alcohol, then letting it become vinegar. Some of my bottles didn’t seem to turn, but the ones that did have made a beautiful subtle vinegar, with an appley flavour that goes great in salad dressings!”

“My apple pie :) ”

Thanks to the judges, Sophie Munns, Lucy Dodds and Zoe Bowman, who—amongst moving, weddings and work—were able to devote time to evaluate the entries. Thanks to the sponsors for your generosity. Thanks everyone for sharing, your comments, likes and for participating. It wasn’t just good fun, we were able to spread the ethos of Fair Food to over 25,000 people. Woohoo!

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