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Gosh I haven’t blogged for a long time—perhaps it’s because no-one has annoyed me—that’s when I do my best work!

Alas, my complacency was smashed when I spotted this tweet.

Are you serious?

If you don’t watch commercial TV you may have missed it too. Here’s the video.

What muppets do they take us for?

Jamie does the most wonderful things, but this? I’m not convinced. Can you imagine buying produce from the supermarket, following his recipes for the family Christmas dinner… it looks delicious… a dramatic carving at the table… and then you taste

No recipe in the world can make poor quality produce taste good.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s a survey I conducted earlier.

I asked people where they bought the majority of their produce—fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy, and seafood. I then asked them to describe the produce from their shopping location. Was it high quality? These are the results.

Describe the fruit and vegetable from this location – high quality?
fruit vegetable satisfaction supermarket

Describe the meat and dairy from this location – high quality?
meat dairy satisfaction supermarket

Describe the seafood from this location – high quality?
seafood satisfaction supermarket

Far out supermarkets, even your customers think your produce is minging!

The patterns were similar for range and value. So if you think you’re saving money at the supermarket, think again.

And so I put it out there.

Mr Oliver’s motives seem to be promoting healthy eating, higher welfare produce as well as selling his branded products. Which is all very lovely jubbly.

But you know ColeWorths, their motive is shareholder value maximisation. And they wouldn’t know what fresh was if it was plucked from a tree and slapped across their faces.

Fresh food people, my arse…

And it’s not just the poor quality produce that irks me. Nor the fact that the majority of the food in their stores is actually ultra-processed crap packed in boxes.

Their marketing promotes over-consumption and food waste; how in god’s name is this sold as food and for BREAKFAST; dairy farmers are dropping off like flies because of $1/milk; and if towns are happy with the local shops they have, supermarkets shouldn’t bully them.

I could go on, but I haven’t written about it yet!

And so I hold Mr Oliver in high regard, but if we don’t support our local farmers, shops and markets, minging produce will be all there is.

Please buy as much as you can from your farmers’ market, farm gate, box system, co-op, organic shop, greengrocer, butcher, deli and bakery. Grow your own, forage, swap and share.

In doing so, you’ll support our farmers, local economy and community.

Diversity in fresh food benefits us all.

I’ll be posting more about this. If you’re in a shopping rut or think there’s nothing decent near you, we’ll do our best to help you out. Like FlavourCrusader on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Will you pledge to SHOP LOCAL this Christmas?

Your tastebuds will thank you for it!

cc pic by Jules:Stonesoup

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