Jamie Oliver & Woolworths: Sunday roast lamb

jamie oliver woolworths

A tweet warned me something special was wrapped around the Sunday papers. It was an advertisement with Jamie Oliver for Woolworths. Well okay, I was going for a walk anyway…

Every Australian deserves to eat better every day.
We do deserve to eat better Jamie, and that’s why we avoid supermarkets with their ultra-processed faux food and in-store marketing. We’ve said NO to craptastic and said hello to fresh instead!

Did you know that eating a plant-rich diet can help prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity? Yes? Of course you do! But did you also know that one quarter of Australians are disappointed with the fruit and vegetables they buy from supermarkets? In the Shopper Pulse survey conducted by colmar brunton, 28% of the respondents believed their supermarkets had poor quality vegetables and 24% said they had poor quality fruit. It’s hard to swallow healthy food if it’s minging.

supermarket fruit vegetables satisfaction
As Jenny on the Facey said, “Cathy you need to come to buy your fruit and veges from a growers market with me.”

Go on, Cathy!

better for less jamie oliver woolworths

Every Australian can eat better for less.
But Jamie, it’s false economy if we buy ‘fresh’ food from Woolworths!? Are we saving money if the food is rotten and needs to be thrown away, or if it simply tastes like cardboard? Or if we fall for the marketing and spend up on snacks and packaged crap that we don’t actually need? The same goes for Coles too, of course.

But thanks anyway for sharing your recipe! A roast leg of lamb is a special dish for a large gathering. For a smaller dinner, people could consider shanks—as you know it’s a more delicious cut that also costs less—with a big serve of actually fresh vegetables.

Here are some lamb sourcing suggestions; try your local farmers’ markets, reputable butchers or online. Buying direct means farmers are paid a fair price, because that’s what they deserve. In return, we’re rewarded with flavour. May I introduce Savannah Lamb (SA), Plains Paddock (VIC), Milly Hill, Moorlands Lamb, Mirrool Creek Lamb (NSW) or Silverwood Organics (QLD)? There are more and people can find them if they look beyond the supermarket doors.

Quality meat but eating smaller servings or less often, if at all. Secondary cuts that taste better. Buying fruit and vegetables in season, that are fresh so they keep much longer. Pulses! Buying a whole bird or fish, instead of expensive fiddly bits. Avoiding ultra-processed food, the environments and advertisements that promote them. Growing, hunting, foraging, fishing or dumpster diving. Swapping, sharing, bartering or gifting. Cooking for ourselves, instead of outsourcing. Embracing leftovers, eating nose to tail and root to tip. And protecting our local shops and markets because greater competition results in better prices.

Some of which I learned from you, Jamie.

That’s how every Australian can eat better for less.

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3 Responses to Jamie Oliver & Woolworths: Sunday roast lamb

  1. Sissa Wallin says:

    Great – great – great story and all so true… I don´t understand why everyone has to sell their soul…

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks Sissa! Why for art thou forsaken us, Jamie!?! :)

  3. jacqui says:

    I have to say that i was gutted when i saw Jamie as the face of Woolworths! I came from a very non foodie family so Jamie has had a huge influence on my cooking and the way i look at and respect real food. A food hero i’d go so far as to say! Sad, sad day. It doesn’t take away the incredible work that he has done but it does take away any credibility for any future work he does, unfortunately, in my book!

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