SHOP LOCAL Newtown 10-19 October 2014

Oh dear neglected blog. I’ve been busy! I’ve developed a new initiative Eat Happily, to inspire creative connections with food: grow, source, cook, eat, save and recycle.

First is an experiment in local and seasonal food sourcing. It focuses on a circled location, with a radius one mile wide, complete with community events and activities to inspire.

It launches during Fair Food Week in Newtown.

Much to do, I could use help from the food-lover crew, an email is coming soon :-).

Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to be involved!
info AT flavourcrusader DOT com

Join the delicious revolution
SHOP LOCAL Newtown presented by Eat Happily, celebrating local seasonal food within a one-mile radius, launches during 10-19 October 2014. See the website for upcoming events, community and do-it-yourself activities.

See where your vegies come from, meet the farmer and learn about growing food with a tour of local ecological farms. At the Pickle Creek Farm tour, presented with Alfalfa House, you’ll have morning tea with the farmer and the chance to participate in farm activities. During the Common2us farm tour, presented with Ooooby, you’ll learn about plantings and how to make a small delicious feed—which you’ll also enjoy. Learn about beekeeping and urban honey while watching Doug Purdie extract honey from beehive frames at Eveleigh Farmers’ Markets—there’ll be cooking demonstrations too.

Share recipes, ideas and tips with neighbours on social media with Cookalong Vege Box. Enjoy picturesque Sydney and celebrate the harvest in the company of good friends with Come Along to a Spring Picnic and Feast on Spring.

Break up with your supermarket and Venture into Local Food with a map and a growing directory of local independents. Cook a One Mile Meal by using what’s best and fresh, available locally. Become a Culinary Crusader and beat the drum for local fresh food.

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