Global Divestment Day 2015

global divestment day

Go Solar
What do you do when a climate change message destined for a billboard during the G20 summit is rejected?

If you’re a farmer like Rob McCreath, you plough it in the field. Farmers are at the coalface of climate change.

“Last year was our hottest on record, this one’s shaping up to be even worse, and we’ve got a raging drought over a vast area,” McCreath said.

“In spite of the overwhelming scientific evidence, our idiotic politicians are hooked on coal and gas, which is the cause of the problem.”

“We have huge reserves of sunshine, so making use of it is simply a matter of common sense.”

The president of China and the United States announce a joint greenhouse emission reduction target at the summit.

Our government?

La la la la la! My hands are on my ears! I can’t hear you!

Lock on like the Pococks
“What can we do when we are rendered powerless by normal political processes?” asks Emma Pocock.

“In many countries, the power of big business and mainstream media means that the voices of citizens are drowned out, and even their ability to make informed decisions is limited by the power of a small minority of wealthy, powerful people.”

“Nonviolent direct action was the best way for us to make our voices heard.”

david pocock coal

Rugby union player David Pocock (left) and farmer Rick Laird (right) sit on mining equipment as part of a protest against land clearing for a coal mine at Leard State Forest in northern NSW.

The incredible protest continues.

As does the climate change bad news.

And poor decisions by politicians.

Crikey, they’re idiots! What can we do?

Global Divestment Day 2015

Does your bank invest in fossil fuels? Your super fund?

Feels dirty doesn’t it?

Here’s how to divest, too easy.

Are you crazy?

No, not really.

Plus a growing number of communities are committing to divest from fossil fuels: colleges and universities, cities, counties, religious institutions and more.

Besides, when was the last time you audited your interest, fees and the like? Can you get a better deal with another bank, that’s also clean and green? It’s possible!

Take time to investigate. Ask for financial advice.

Tackle banks now, and superannuation later, if it makes things easier.

Let’s change the future. Join Global Divestment Day February 13-14.

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