Woolworths homebrand sausages: below the cost of edibility

woolworths homebrand sausages

It’s a quiet war, but a war nevertheless. The cost of Woolworths homebrand sausages has been reduced to undercut Coles. Aldi has followed suit.

The ingredient list is so long it fills a Times Square billboard.

Homebrand sausages. Keep walking, there’s nothing to eat here.

cc photo by Stacy K.

2 Responses to Woolworths homebrand sausages: below the cost of edibility

  1. Keltia says:

    Thank you for highlighting this…this is yuck personified.

    Actually this type of information should be out there more it sickens me that this is specifically directed at those who have the least, who also have the largest portion of obesity, and poor diet.

  2. Anthony says:

    I had the worst migraine I’ve had in years over the weekend. Absolutely flattened me and I couldn’t work out what I’d eaten to deserve it. I see now, a Woolworths sausage with Saturday lunch would have been the Sulphite culprit. I’ve got to remember sausages are off the menu for me!

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