Save Sydney’s food bowl

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Australia’s food supply chains are increasingly vulnerable to shocks and trends related to the impacts of a changing climate. With Sydney’s population of 4.2 million expected to grow by 1.6 million people in the next 20 years, local food production is further threatened by the need to house–and provide infrastructure for–a growing population.

The food security of the Sydney Basin is under threat due to increasing reliance on distant production, distribution and transport systems, and increasing competition for land for housing in peri-urban areas.

We must save local food.

Why? Because it’s delicious; food grown close to where it’s eaten is good quality and good value. Local farms also provide employment and economic activity worth $4.5 billion to the New South Wales economy; it means less waste and food miles while retaining green space that cools our urban areas and provides corridors for wildlife.

What can we do?
Buy local food: visit your farmers’ market and buy from a local farm.
Visit a local farm or three: pick your own.
Write to your state MP: tell them why local food is important; ask them how they will save Sydney’s food bowl; tell them you vote for food.
Learn more: visit Sydney Food Futures and Adapt NSW.

One Response to Save Sydney’s food bowl

  1. Markseo says:

    Based on your advice I just wrote to the some of the State MP members, wasn’t 100% sure who the right person is, so I just send a separate email to a bunch of them. Fingers crossed it’s just heard.

    I love locally grown food, my favourites that have a HUGE difference in taste between locally vs not local are Tomatoes and Eggs…! It’s like eating a entirely different thing. Amazing.

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