3 Responses to Do you know what chicken tastes like?

  1. Ari says:

    This was interesting, because we killed 3 roosters two days ago, I spent a while this afternoon pulling apart the carcasses after straining the stock, now I have stock and chicken soup in the freezer. Two of them I wasn’t worried about, the third was a friendly little thing, would follow me around the garden for grubs. We don’t eat much chicken anymore, not so much from a taste perspective, but because raising and killing my own has really made me more aware of the animals. I still have half a freezer full of last years pigs, in packaged pork and bacon. I know what they ate and how much they liked a back scratch and how gregarious and downright adorable pigs are. How chickens have their own personalities and quirks. It doesn’t put me off eating meat, though I hate the actual killing part (not as much as the poor animal being killed, obviously), but I do eat a lot less meat now.

    Eggs are easy. No killing involved, lots of protein, chickens meandering about the garden and paddock. Only problem is the odd broody hen. Meat’s a different thing when it’s you holding the knife.

  2. Sharon says:

    If I scored blog comments, you’d get 100% Ari. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.

    Did you know Australians are the most voracious meat eaters in the world? Approx 90.21 kg of meat per person in 2014.


  3. Love this! Amanda articulates these ideas so well. This is exactly how it is…processed and consumed by our broken food system. PS: Also loving Ari’s comment…

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