What me and my busted finger made last summer


Can you believe it’s been six months since my last chicken ceramics update?

That’s okayI haven’t finished anything—so there’s nothing to update there!

But here’s what I’ve been up to.

I am a perfectionist so never believe me when I say my work is done; there is always something to improve. I am attempting to better the:

  • foot fork
  • napkin (another colour option)
  • accompanying plate (I’m trying a slipcast one)
  • chicken head on a plate (the glaze was too dark on the one that was fired).

I’ve also been trying to develop a matt pink glaze for the plate and a perfect faux celadon for the chicken head plate. That sounds a lot easier than it is…

Busted my finger
I was centering clay and my pinkie got stuck in the middle and was pulled by the wheel. It hurt, but I finished the day, just keeping the pinkie out of the way. And promptly forgot about it.

A few times at the studio my pinkie felt odd; sometimes I would shake it to ‘click’ it back in. Then one day, when it felt strange, I actually looked at it.


Apparently a ligament was torn from the bone. For the next three to six months I have to wear a finger splint or ‘buddy’ bandages to mend this.

Could be worse!

Chicken mechanics
I’m making a new work, inspired by intensive chicken production, processing and consumption.

I wanted to make a sushi belt, to carry miniature chicken dishes. So I bought a toy kit for a (plastic) proof of concept.

That gave me confidence to design a steel one.

I made quite a lot of miniature porcelain chicken dishes, and painted them with china paints.


Wooden boxes
All of the above activity is in aid of developing the first collection for The Incredible Edible Museum. I would like the museum to be accessible, transient and adaptive. It would definitely travel! And so I must create boxes to store and exhibit the work.

Wooden boxes.

I haven’t attempted woodwork since art school, a million years ago. And so I did a short course and have since drawn cursory designs of the boxes.

Video art
OMG video art is soooo shite. They just show work on large screens and slow down the speed and maybe there is atmospheric sound…. YAWWWWWN!

That was the crux of the conversation I had with my friend, lining up at the MCA, prior to having our minds blown by Pipilotti Rist.

I’m making video art now LOL!

Not really, but I will show a video of the macabre mechanical ballet of a chicken abattoir!

The screen will be inside the wooden box, where the mechanics of the conveyor belt will be hidden. The participant can see it via an eyehole.

I just ordered a tiny screen (powered by a micro Arduino-type system) to display it. I’m a little bit beside myself about this new development.

When the participant clicks a button, the conveyor belt will turn and the video will play.

In conclusion
This chicken ceramics project now includes mechanics, woodwork, digital, electronics and video! There’s no end in sight, but I’m cool with it. Art for me is the thinking, learning, making and resolvingand believe me for the past six months, I’ve done spades of that!

3 Responses to What me and my busted finger made last summer

  1. Lucinda says:


    amazing, sharon. art is thinking, learning, making and resolving for me too – and feeling. this has a lotta feels, too.


    p.s. video art comment had me chuckling…

    1. Sharon says:

      It’s well and truly busted! I have to have an operation – I’m not sure when – it’s a surprise!


      99.9% of video art is crap, right!?! LOL.

      (But ohmigod, you commented on my blog! Remember when blogs were a thing. I loved our personal social spaces)

  2. Lucinda says:

    FINGERRRRRRR!!!! (part 2)

    Operation = yeouch…yep, you properly buggered it up.

    I miss it, hence have gone back to blogging. Quiet spaces where ya can acktewally think.

    video art IS c-r-a-p, sister x

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