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The year of the rooster

My call out for chicken stories and bones was inspired by the kind offering of rooster feet on an Instagram post. “I have a couple of chickens feet you could use,” Steve wrote. “I’m keen! Naughty rooster?” I replied.

Call for your chicken stories and bones

* * * Status: Ready for bones * * * Once chicken was a rare treat, yet today, we gorge on it. Australians are the fourth largest consumers in the world, eating 623 million chickens a year, or 46 kilograms each. From supermarkets to fast food, the message is the same, ‘Eat chicken, it’s cheap!’ […]

Fuck Facebook, let’s art!

Changes are afoot and you can be a part of it! No more Facebook Subscribe to the mailing list (top right in the blue box) to be kept in the loop. I’m still on Twitter, and on Instagram, so follow there for food. I’m making art I’ve enjoyed researching our food system, and social media […]