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Rethink breakfast: One small thing you can do to fix food

Summer breakfast Decades ago, I stopped shopping for food in the supermarket, only entering for cereal, milk, and tortillas. When the milk war erupted in 2011, I began buying milk from small dairies. The next year I made heavenly tortillas from scratch. Which left cereal. Due to one hundred years of extensive marketing, cereals have […]

Powerful supermarkets push the cost of food waste onto suppliers, charities

At a time when one billion people globally experience hunger, as much as 50% of all food produced—up to two billion metric tonnes—is thrown away every year. In Australia alone, as much as 44 million tonnes of food is wasted annually. Last year, French supermarket chain Intermarché launched a highly successful campaign encouraging consumers to […]

Stop sleepwalk shopping down supermarket aisles

Cheap and convenient People are motivated by many factors when shopping for food; there are the sensory aspects, cost and accessibility, health, cultural influences, social and psychological factors, to name but a few. Yet Malcolm Knox, author of the new book Supermarket Monsters, believes Australians value cost above all else. He says the vast majority […]

Coles’ HGP-free beef, RSPCA chicken, sow stall-free pork

In Chef Curtis Stone, more than just a cardboard cut-out (Good Food 2015), the author wonders why Curtis associates himself with Coles. Curtis says that he believes he can make a difference, to help the supermarket make “better decisions”. He points to Coles’ elimination of beef with hormone growth promotants (HGP), RSPCA-accredited chicken, and sow […]

Coles RSPCA chicken taste claim is bulldust

Chicken meat taste, according to Coles On 3 January 2014, Coles announced that all of their homebrand chickens are now ‘RSPCA Approved’. These chickens are raised in barns farmed to the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Standards. The real changes for the birds are the inclusion of hay bales and a reduction in stocking density. This […]

Marketing food to children

Anna Lappe of Food Mythbusters summaries the insidious marketing practices of Corporations in selling food to children. And kicks it with her closing: “Food companies say that it’s up to parents to raise healthy kids. And that’s why I say to those corporations, then leave parenting to us. Don’t tell children what’s good to put […]