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Pull the other one, Coles!

Dear Australian milk drinker, Last week, Coles proclaimed their innocence in lower farmgate prices for dairy farmers as a result of their discounted private label milk. Nice try, but they’re miserly with the truth.

Kellogg’s new junk cereal is munted

Caitlin Syrett posted a photo on Coles’ Facebook page with a plea to remove Krave—a new junk cereal—from their shelves. “I urge you to take Kellogg’s new cereal, Krave, off your shelves,” she wrote. “Coles has the opportunity and obligation to support healthy eating in Australia.” A mini-ruckus ensued in the comments, with arguments centering […]

Tactics for Craptastic

“Sixty percent of buying in supermarkets is not premeditated,” said Paco Underhill, principal of the New York behavioral research and consulting firm, Envirosell Inc.

Sticking it to the Big Two

“If you believe that your township should not have something you should fight and make sure that your voice is heard. Australians in this day and age have an understanding of what’s important in their township. They don’t need to be bossed around (or bullied around) by someone like Woolworths,” Mayor Tim Heenan, Mount Evelyn.

GM labelling defeated, but who needs labelling when…

You may or may not be aware of Prop 37 which called for the mandatory labelling of genetically engineered food in California. It was put to the people to vote last night, and was defeated by six percentage points. Some say because of lies, dirty tricks, and $US 45 million. ¡Ay, caramba!

The #CrapFiles

Junk food marketing driving you nuts? Processed food muscling in on your kitchen turf? Weary of the race to the bottom at ColeWorths? Share your thoughts on corporate food. It’s a culinary protest!

McDonalds Gets Grilled

Last night, Seven aired a McDonalds infomercial styled like a reality show. This post is in Bed with McDonalds, part two. Here’s part one, if you missed it. This is a parody account of the Twitterstorm by a Maccas staffer.