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Breakfast is Born Again

We’re busy with no time. Or don’t care. The first meal of the day is often the same day after day after day. Ugh cereal… Bo-ring! “I can’t eat this,” I said and so my experiment began. I’ve been playing with food reveling in breakfast. Oh my gosh it’s frikken delicious! Breakfast is Born Again.

Cook’s privilege

Summer is an exquisite time for food. Just this morning I was relishing a soft and juicy nectarine. Tonight it was young and sweet corn.

Spanikopita – Greek spinach pie

After cooking this a few times, make it your own! My favourite way to cook this is with silverbeet; it adds fabulous texture. I first separate the stalks from the leaves, then sauté the chopped stalks for a few minutes in olive oil. I then add two chopped leeks and continue until soft. In goes […]

Mercimek corbasi – Turkish lentil soup

I remember being on my deathbed—I mean, when I had the flu—and thinking… Need. Turkish. Lentil. Soup. Everything that was me, ached. I felt a million years old! Yet somehow I summoned the strength to walk to Sarays in Enmore for a bowl of soothing warm. But there’s no need to drag your tired body […]

How to make corn tortillas

The hardest thing about making corn tortillas from scratch is actually motivating yourself to make them. Envy is a fabulous motivator, so when deliciously homemade tacos were dangled in front of my digital face—hello @tammois, @crazybrave and @melkettle—well, call me MOTIVATED. The rest is a cinch.

A vegetarian Christmas tale

This is hypothetical—or not—for you. You’re preparing a vegetarian Christmas meal. Guests bring dessert or the wine. It must feel festive—a Feast! You want to prepare ahead of time. Omnivores focus on The Beast. But what do vegetarians do? What would you?

We’re taking back… Bread!

We found a loaf of bread at the supermarket. Listed in the ingredients were: wheat flour, water, yeast, vegetable oil (canola, palm (antioxidents 306, 307), emulsifier (322 soy lecithin), iodised salt, sugar, wheat gluten, soy flour, milk solids, emulsifiers (471, 481, 472e), malted wheat flour and vitamins (thiamin, folic acid).

Poached pears

I bought these beauties from Pineview Orchard of Batlow at Warwick Farm Trackside Markets. Buerre Bosc?