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Photo competition

WIN OVER $750 OF FOOD-LOVER’S PRIZES Entries are now open! Send photos of your magnificent Produce (e.g. your farm, garden or its bounty) and Dishes (e.g. scenes of cooking, sharing food or your creation). Add your reflections or make a wish! You can enter on Facebook, or on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #MyFoodStory […]

Food photography FTW

It has been a hectic month. I’ve just started a Masters of Public Health which should be called a Masters of Heart Palpitations Because of All the Assignments! Today was the first day I could kind of relax, knocking back small wins for work, homework, wireframes for FlavourCrusader and the Facebook change to timeline.

Happy New Year

2012 is Year of the Farmer, but let’s also make it the Year of the Gardener, the Real Food Cook and the Conscious Shopper. Because eating is an agricultural act. We are a part of the food system; let’s make it what we want it to be.


We’re making it. James has started programming the prototype and I receive photos of his progress. It’s all very exciting! This is FlavourCrusader Version Superdooper FTW. Well I think it is. This ain’t no seasonal app. I realised… the answer is within you. Let’s see if we can pollinate your behaviour. I can’t wait for […]

Facebook me

I’ve added another social network to the mix. Facebook. Heard of it? Me neither, but I’m going to post the best food links there and figure the rest as I go along. How’s that for social media strategy?! Come over, please say hi and like FlavourCrusader! cc photo by stevendepolo

Follow me

Inspired by my strawberry experience, I leapt into the abyss of this social innovation thing. How hard can it be? Follow my journey as I document the steps to make FlavourCrusader happen. I’m blogging at OpenIDEO; here’s my first post on lessons learned—on making a dream reality. CC photo by leahleaf

Why buy local?

I walked down Oxford Street yesterday and reminisced about the street characters we used to see. I remembered today, these few paragraphs I wrote four years ago:

Our manifesto and getting things done

On advice garnered from Martyn Ware (The Human League, Heaven 17, Future of Sound and Illustrious Company) at XMediaLab, I have worked on a manifesto of sorts. Not just any manifesto, he said “You can be bolshie about it!”