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Best food books for good growers and eaters

Food literacy has three dimensions, writes Bill Bellotti. Knowledge about the impact of our food choices on our health. Knowledge about the impact of our food choices on our ecological footprint. And knowledge about the impacts of our food choices on the businesses and communities that grow and provide our food. We can only eat […]

Angela Booth

It was following the great Violet Beauregarde incident of 1982 that I first came face to face with the reality of pork. As my aunt struggled to free my hair of chewing gum I had lodged behind my left ear, I sat and stared, pale and wide eyed at the steaming plate of pig’s trotters […]

Katinka Day

I was flirting with the idea of making my own muesli, yet what to put in it? A serendipitous click to Katinka’s muesli post sorted me out. Oh, the possibilities! Fabulous photography. Wonderfully detailed. And written to demystify food. Introducing Katinka…

Gill Stannard

Gill Stannard is celebrating her 20th year of being in practice as a naturopath. She is passionate about nutrition and herbal medicine, and is an experienced counsellor. Her approach is down-to-earth; being practical about food is a big part of that.

Lisa Martin

One fine Saturday morning on the Twitter, people started to get really heated about ColeWorths; this time vegetables were in the line of supermarket fire. Steady, aim… Lisa shared a post about the subject. Watch her ideas spread across the digital landscape. Nice.

John Beesley

I think he popped up in a discussion about bees. He had some. And cows and chooks as well. He seemed to be a man of few words, but he shared his life through photos. Cooking with a friend. Risotto, I think. Mastering butter. Tomato harvest. His newborn. A calf. Or was I wrong? Plenty […]

My Food is Me

A few months ago, I put the call out for food lovers to tell me why they eat the way they do. Lesh, Lucy, Kathryn, Jacqueline, Paulette, Tatyana, Ruth, Tammi, Zoe and I shared a dish and the stories of how it came to be.

Zoe Bowman

She works for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, loves blogging about food and sometimes (not on purpose) grows big things. Her garden is as prolific as the word count on her posts. She’s wonderful and wise. She’s Zoe Bowman.

Tammi Jonas

She’s a PhD candidate, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and would-be cultural commentator with a penchant for food and community. Her family has recently crossed America. Upon their return—practically the next day—they began their new farm enterprise. She’s now a farmer. Meet Tammi Jonas.

Ruth Bruten

I noticed Ruth on Twitter when she shared a photograph of Mr 13 cooking Rabbit Stifado à la Gourmet Farmer. Really? She topped it with the homemade pappardelle to accompany. Too much. Want. There. Now! Ruth shares domestic vignettes in technicolour and clogs.