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Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee is me! I’m an expert eater, competent cook and sporadic gardener. I’ve been working in the digital industry as a designer for a lifetime; I strive to make things appealing, engaging and easy-to-use. I’m refocusing my efforts on fresh food… to do pretty much the same.


Tatyana is deeply interested in permaculture, a “design system based on mindful observation of Nature‚Äôs ways and applying those principles to designing human settlements.” She aims to distill information and experiences about sustainable living and health through food to provide a resource she wish existed when she began her journey of learning.

Paulette Whitney

Paulette Whitney sells food plants and produce at the Farm Gate market in Hobart. She supplies leading restaurants including Garagistes, The Stackings at Peppermint Bay and Ethos Eat Drink. She has helped Hugh Whitehouse from Saffire source plants and seeds for his garden, has organised seaweed identification and foraging days and shared the story of […]

Jacqueline Donaldson

As I browsed through VegeAtlas—Jacqueline Donaldson’s blog—I sensed a caring soul. She takes the time to explain the seasons, demystify an edible weed and share delicious vegetarian fare. And as I read, I find myself thinking…yum. Which is very pleasant indeed!

Kathryn Elliot

Don’t talk to Kathryn Elliot about good, bad or super food. She’s no dietary zealot; she’s a nutritionist and freelance writer with a pragmatic approach. She blogs at Limes and Lycopene and co-authors An Honest Kitchen. She supports everyday people who are struggling to eat well.

Lucy Dodds

Lucy is a Melbourne-based artist who captures the everyday with her photographs. Her days are both sumptuous and serene—filled with darkness and light—punctuated by glorious food. Her meals are produce-driven, definitely seasonal (she’s an avid gardener) and mostly vegetarian. She blogs at Nourish Me and co-authors An Honest Kitchen, an e-magazine about good food without […]

Lesh Karan

Lesh Karan is a freelance writer who specialises in health (food & wellness), medical and corporate communications. She blogs at The Mindful Foodie and “shares recipes that take into account many food intolerances and information about eating mindfully”.