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The end of Sommerlads’ Poultry. And a new beginning.

As begets tradition, Kathryn Sommerlad emailed on Christmas Eve, four years to the day she first wrote to introduce her family business, Sommerlads’ Poultry, to me. The purpose of this email, sadly, was to shed details about the closure of the business.

What’s not to love about village chickens?

If anyone knows chickens, veterinary scientist Robyn Alders AO does. Over the past 20 years, Robyn has been instrumental in rolling out a sustainable vaccination program that immunises chickens against Newcastle disease, empowering women by providing them with a dependable source of income and nutritious food. Poultry have been domesticated for thousands of years with […]

Save Sydney’s food bowl

Australia’s food supply chains are increasingly vulnerable to shocks and trends related to the impacts of a changing climate. With Sydney’s population of 4.2 million expected to grow by 1.6 million people in the next 20 years, local food production is further threatened by the need to house–and provide infrastructure for–a growing population.

From Paddock to Potager: meet your meat

A delicious tree change Growing up in coastal New South Wales, Fiona May craved life in the country, so when it was time to leave the family home, she moved to Scone. This is where she met Stuart, her husband. They relocated north to Toowoomba and stayed on a dairy farm, owned by her sister-in-law […]

Produce to the People, community and food

During the summer of 2009, Penelope Dodd grew a bumper crop of tomatoes. And so it seems did many in her corner of the world. She tried to give some tomatoes away but her friends couldn’t take any more. “What happens to all the excess backyard produce?” she wondered. She began gathering excess fruit and […]

Why buy farmhouse, organic and unhomogenised milk?

As a child I’d put out the glass empties at night for the milkman. The next morning, full bottles would miraculously appear. We scratched the foil tops open for the cream. Such a treat! I hadn’t given much thought to milk since then; it was always just there. Until Coles reduced the price of home […]

Sommerlad chicken: an extraordinary chook

December 2017 update: This chicken may be harder to source because Sommerlads’ Poultry, the breeder, have closed their business. In time, however, production should return to usual, as several farmers are now breeding the chickens. Chicken, once a rare treat, is now our most popular meat. We’re the fourth largest consumers in the world, eating […]

Home sweet homestead

Whilst peeling apples to bake a pie, Bec Pollock recalled a tip about turning apple scraps into vinegar. She bottled the apple, took a photo, and submitted it to the My Food Story competition. And won. More recently she shared photographs of her Painted Mountain Corn. Who was this painted-mountain-corn-growing-apple-scrap-vinegar-making-photo-competition-winning person?