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Radical home economics

“We think what we do is home economics. Radical home economics. Meaning back to the roots home economics, which makes the house an engine of production as opposed to being an engine of consumption.”

Joe’s Connected Garden

A spectacular garden has taken over a suburb in Adelaide. It knocks down boundaries, creating community and rewarding work with truly ripe fruit and fresh vegetables. Amazingly, the protagonists, Joe Kielnerowski and next door neighbour Rosanne Parker, were not keen gardeners. Stress management brought Joe outside, and the love of fruit won Rosie over. Today […]

My Food Story

Oh my gosh how freaking delighted I was during the two weeks of this competition! It was so exciting to receive the entries, pigs and chooks and tales of abundance into my email. Ping! Ping! Oink! Bok!

Fair Food Week: the new story of food

If you’re thinking of planning a farm tour, long table lunch, skill workshop or seed swap… plan it for Fair Food Week! The week (August 19-25) is organised by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, co-ordinated by Nick Rose—check out his story. Anyone can have a bash; your event needn’t be fancy. Just collect your friends […]

^%&* Corporate Food; let’s fund the Family Farm!

When CEOs can sneeze and earn a million dollars whilst family farmers are packing up to go, you know that something is Wrong. We can grumble and moan, but whilst we do… some farmers are putting in the hard yards and making up something totally new. They know that food grown well, with flavour and […]

EcoCity Food Forum Lightning Talks

Healthy food systems are the foundation for healthy lives, communities, economies and ecosystems. In order to build a future for Melbourne in which we can all thrive, we need a food system that is sustainable, resilient and fair.

Allan Savory: How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change

Desertification of the world’s grasslands, Allan Savory suggests, is the immediate cause of poverty, social breakdown, violence, cultural genocide — and a significent contribution to climate change. In the 1960s, while working in Africa on the interrelated problems of increasing poverty and disappearing wildlife, Savory made a significant breakthrough in understanding the degradation and desertification […]

Visions for future food

You may or may not know that I’m studying Public Health, focussing on health promotion to prevent chronic disease. I’ve published a few of my assignments online; these were food and physical activity interventions based in an American food desert, a Pacific Island and in Mexico.

Preventing obesity in Mexican children

This describes a health promotion portfolio to prevent childhood obesity in Mexico. Unfortunately Corporate Food is mighty and the federal government lack willpower—they’re also distrusted by the people—hence this strategy aims to strengthen local communities and spread through social networks to scale. Oh, and of course, promote delicious traditional Mexican food.