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Traditional food for health

This is another essay I wrote for uni; I really wanted to write on health promotion with Aboriginal food but there weren’t any published evaluation studies. Funny that. Instead, I found an intervention based in the Pacific Islands; the more I delved into the subject the more fascinating it became…

All aboard the fresh food bus – Fresh Moves

Inspired by the concept I worked on during openIDEO, I decided to write about FreshMoves, a produce market on wheels for a uni assignment. Rather than let the essay gather digital dust, I’ve decided to publish it here. Because a market on a bus rocks. WANT!

From paddock to plate: a pig’s life

I’m delighted to introduce you to the Jonas family (aka the Jonai) of Daylesford, and if you recall, you’ve met Tammi Jonas before. She’s kindly agreed to let me track a litter of their Large Black pigs from paddock to plate. In doing so, I hope to show you what Joel Salatin calls, the ‘pigness […]

Local food for food security

Last year, I was quite moved by this story on Landline about an Australian ex-farmer who worked in the Solomon Islands; their diets had become dependent on heavily processed imported food at the expense of local fruit, vegetables and fish.

Call for expressions of interest in the Goulburn Valley Food Cooperative

A while ago I wrote about the closure of the Heinz tomato processing factory at Girgarre, Victoria; they exited Australia to conduct processing offshore. This affects 15 workers directly but about 600 jobs in the local area and leaves tomato growers in the Valley with just one processor – who is systematically screwing down prices […]

Tasting our way to a better food system

“I believe that any fundamental change to our food system has to begin with a very simple question, and that question is how does it taste? A focus on taste will lead us to make better decisions about how and where we grow our food, how we distribute and store it, how we market and […]

Out with the old…

In May 2011, Heinz announced it was closing its tomato sauce factory in Girgarre in northern Victoria.


“Farmers connecting via social media is important. What barriers do you have to participate? How can we encourage farmers to connect?,” I asked on #agchatoz, a Twitter conversation centred around agriculture.