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Level up local food

Literally up The way I shop is different now. During summer, I’ll pounce at the first sight of corn. In March, I embrace all the tomatoes. And when I spy red capsicums—I’m warning you—step aside! I know what the chooks that laid my eggs eat. My sourdough was made by hand. My milk comes from […]

Shop Local this Christmas

Gosh I haven’t blogged for a long time—perhaps it’s because no-one has annoyed me—that’s when I do my best work! Alas, my complacency was smashed when I spotted this tweet.

ExtraOrdinary Food

It’s all too easy to find garbage for sale and poorly described as “Fresh Veg”. Too often the length of time from harvest to kitchen results in something limp with little flavour and texture. Nor is the resultant item demonstrative of the diversity, taste or the rich history of vegetables. Is it any wonder that […]

Chemical-free and organic fruit and vegetable directory

Several years ago at a market, I bought strawberries from a farmer. I absentmindedly popped one in my mouth as I walked away. The strawberry oozed with sweetness and robust flavour; I inhaled several more. Soft and juicy, they dyed my fingers and teeth. I spun around. “Why are these strawberries so delicious?” I asked.

Fresh egg test

Want creamy yolks, whites with bite and eggy-flavoured egg? It’s all in the freshness. Don’t know if your eggs are fresh? Put them to the test!

We’re taking back… Eggs!

In this Age where popcorn comes pre-made, some reject the status quo. Instead, they make and grow their own. This time, we’re talking about eggs. Did it start with a kitchen garden? “Why not a chicken?” you said.