tatyana permaculturedTatyana is deeply interested in permaculture, a “design system based on mindful observation of Nature’s ways and applying those principles to designing human settlements.” She aims to distill information and experiences about sustainable living and health through food to provide a resource she wish existed when she began her journey of learning. More

Jacqueline Donaldson

jacqueline donaldsonAs I browsed through VegeAtlas—Jacqueline Donaldson’s blog—I sensed a caring soul. She takes the time to explain the seasons, demystify an edible weed and share delicious vegetarian fare. And as I read, I find myself thinking…yum. Which is very pleasant indeed! More

Kathryn Elliot

kathryn elliotDon’t talk to Kathryn Elliot about good, bad or super food. She’s no dietary zealot; she’s a nutritionist and freelance writer with a pragmatic approach. She blogs at Limes and Lycopene and co-authors An Honest Kitchen. She supports everyday people who are struggling to eat well. More

Pastured and free range eggs directory

pastured free range eggsThe label may have pictures of verdant pastures stamped with the term “free range”—but are you getting what you think you are? Who’s to tell?

Despite the free range Model Code capping stocking density at 1,500 hens per hectare, some farms cram in more than 20,000. And some eggs come from flocks of up to 120,000! Is it any wonder when over half of the free range eggs sold in Australia come from only three producers? They’re Novo, Pace Farm and Manning Valley—and are responsible for the brands you see in the major supermarkets. More

Pastured and free range chicken directory

pastured free range chicken AustraliaA generation ago, Australians raised chickens for their eggs. Cockerals and spent layers were culled for their meat; thus it was an occasional treat.

A dedicated meat industry began in the 1950s. Two family enterprises took the lead and began vertical integration, contracting out the growing of broilers. They formed associations with the supermarkets—Steggles with Coles, and Ingham with Woolworths. (more…)