Lucy Dodds

lucy doddsLucy is a Melbourne-based artist who captures the everyday with her photographs. Her days are both sumptuous and serene—filled with darkness and light—punctuated by glorious food. Her meals are produce-driven, definitely seasonal (she’s an avid gardener) and mostly vegetarian. She blogs at Nourish Me and co-authors An Honest Kitchen, an e-magazine about good food without the fuss. More


prototypeWe’re making it. James has started programming the prototype and I receive photos of his progress. It’s all very exciting! This is FlavourCrusader Version Superdooper FTW. Well I think it is. This ain’t no seasonal app. I realised… the answer is within you. Let’s see if we can pollinate your behaviour. I can’t wait for you to come and play.


futurefarmers“Farmers connecting via social media is important. What barriers do you have to participate? How can we encourage farmers to connect?,” I asked on #agchatoz, a Twitter conversation centred around agriculture. More

Lesh Karan

Lesh KaranLesh Karan is a freelance writer who specialises in health (food & wellness), medical and corporate communications. She blogs at The Mindful Foodie and “shares recipes that take into account many food intolerances and information about eating mindfully”. More

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WhiskingI’ve added another social network to the mix. Facebook. Heard of it? Me neither, but I’m going to post the best food links there and figure the rest as I go along. How’s that for social media strategy?! Come over, please say hi and like FlavourCrusader!

cc photo by stevendepolo

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leahleafInspired by my strawberry experience, I leapt into the abyss of this social innovation thing. How hard can it be? Follow my journey as I document the steps to make FlavourCrusader happen. I’m blogging at OpenIDEO; here’s my first post on lessons learned—on making a dream reality.

CC photo by leahleaf