Tomato and basil

tomato basilTomato and basil is a common flavour pair—perhaps a cliché—yet they’re flavoursome and abundant at the same time, so it’d be unfortunate to dismiss them. Nature trumps fickle food trends, hands down. More

Mediterranean green beans

green beans tomatoThis is a favourite dish of mine, perfect for summer nights to accompany a barbecue. If you were in Greece you’d ask for fassolakia, in Turkey zeytinyağlı taze fasülye or in Spain, judías verdes con tomate. More

Flood food

flood foodWe’re lucky in Australia that we have a range of climactic zones, different methods of producing food and local networks re-building. To me, the floods show that weakness occurs when you have (please excuse the programming term) a single point of failure. More

Zucchini pasta

zucchini pastaThis began as a use-up-the-forlorn-vegetable-in-the-fridge dish, but it turned into something quite delicious. Who knew that grating zucchinis makes them tastier? The chilli, garlic and anchovies help (they always do), but breaking up the vegetable means there’s more of an opportunity for them to party. More

Salsa di Fairfield

tomatoI visited a friend with a bottle of wine and left with tomatoes, picked from his mother’s garden.

His father eats them like apples, whole and fresh; they’re beautiful and full of flavour. Picked ripe and kissed by western suburban sun.

Try this recipe when you have quality tomatoes; it was adapted from one by Neil Perry. More