Sommerlad chicken: an extraordinary chook

sommerlad chicken

December 2017 update: This chicken may be harder to source because Sommerlads’ Poultry, the breeder, have closed their business. In time, however, production should return to usual, as several farmers are now breeding the chickens.

Chicken, once a rare treat, is now our most popular meat. We’re the fourth largest consumers in the world, eating 600 million chickens a year or 45 kilograms each. Supermarkets own the largest slice of the chicken pie, selling over 50 per cent produced.

It’s convenient and cheap, deemed the ‘healthier’ meat, mildly flavoured so appealing to kids. Available year round so we eat without thought, much less ceremony.

Whereas I’ve been anticipating this chook. For. A. Year. More

Home sweet homestead

bec growing home

Whilst peeling apples to bake a pie, Bec Pollock recalled a tip about turning apple scraps into vinegar. She bottled the apple, took a photo, and submitted it to the My Food Story competition. And won. More recently she shared photographs of her Painted Mountain Corn. Who was this painted-mountain-corn-growing-apple-scrap-vinegar-making-photo-competition-winning person? More

Radical home economics

“We think what we do is home economics. Radical home economics. Meaning back to the roots home economics, which makes the house an engine of production as opposed to being an engine of consumption.” More

Joe’s Connected Garden

joe kielnerowski

A spectacular garden has taken over a suburb in Adelaide. It knocks down boundaries, creating community and rewarding work with truly ripe fruit and fresh vegetables. Amazingly, the protagonists, Joe Kielnerowski and next door neighbour Rosanne Parker, were not keen gardeners. Stress management brought Joe outside, and the love of fruit won Rosie over. Today the garden spans four quarter-acre blocks, connected by gates, designed with permaculture principles and managed using organic methods. You can see it for yourself on February 8 and 9 for Open Gardens Australia, 2014. More