Breakfast is Born Again

breakfast born again
We’re busy with no time.
Or don’t care.
The first meal of the day is often the same
day after day after day.

Ugh cereal…
“I can’t eat this,” I said
and so my experiment began.

I’ve been playing with food
reveling in breakfast.
Oh my gosh
it’s frikken delicious!

Breakfast is Born Again. More

Pull the other one, Coles!

pull the other one coles

Dear Australian milk drinker,

Last week, Coles proclaimed their innocence in lower farmgate prices for dairy farmers as a result of their discounted private label milk.

Nice try, but they’re miserly with the truth. More

Kellogg’s new junk cereal is munted

krave australia
Caitlin Syrett posted a photo on Coles’ Facebook page with a plea to remove Krave—a new junk cereal—from their shelves.

I urge you to take Kellogg’s new cereal, Krave, off your shelves,” she wrote.

“Coles has the opportunity and obligation to support healthy eating in Australia.”

A mini-ruckus ensued in the comments, with arguments centering around:

  • Supply and demand vs corporate control.
  • Individualism vs altruism.
  • Individual/parental responsibility vs corporate responsibility.

“I disagree! If you don’t want to eat it don’t buy it. Supermarkets are not responsible for what goes in ones mouth – it’s up to the individual, and parents in regard to children. Also if it doesn’t sell Kelloggs won’t keep it around for long… Consumers decide what our supermarkets provide” is a representative comment.

You must be tripping. More

Tactics for Craptastic

private label brand promotion
“Sixty percent of buying in supermarkets is not premeditated,” said Paco Underhill, principal of the New York behavioral research and consulting firm, Envirosell Inc. More

Preventing obesity in Mexican children

traditional mexico food healthThis describes a health promotion portfolio to prevent childhood obesity in Mexico. Unfortunately Corporate Food is mighty and the federal government lack willpower—they’re also distrusted by the people—hence this strategy aims to strengthen local communities and spread through social networks to scale. Oh, and of course, promote delicious traditional Mexican food. More

Cook’s privilege

mexican corn saladSummer is an exquisite time for food. Just this morning I was relishing a soft and juicy nectarine. Tonight it was young and sweet corn. More

Sticking it to the Big Two

wooloworths coles protest“If you believe that your township should not have something you should fight and make sure that your voice is heard. Australians in this day and age have an understanding of what’s important in their township. They don’t need to be bossed around (or bullied around) by someone like Woolworths,” Mayor Tim Heenan, Mount Evelyn. More