Spanikopita – Greek spinach pie

spanikopita greek spinach pieAfter cooking this a few times, make it your own! My favourite way to cook this is with silverbeet; it adds fabulous texture. I first separate the stalks from the leaves, then sauté the chopped stalks for a few minutes in olive oil. I then add two chopped leeks and continue until soft. In goes the silverbeet leaves and water to wilt. This—with the currants—makes an everyday dish… extraordinary. More

Traditional food for health

pohnpei bananasThis is another essay I wrote for uni; I really wanted to write on health promotion with Aboriginal food but there weren’t any published evaluation studies. Funny that. Instead, I found an intervention based in the Pacific Islands; the more I delved into the subject the more fascinating it became… More

Chemical-free and organic fruit and vegetable directory

organic fruit vegetable australiaSeveral years ago at a market, I bought strawberries from a farmer. I absentmindedly popped one in my mouth as I walked away.

The strawberry oozed with sweetness and robust flavour; I inhaled several more. Soft and juicy, they dyed my fingers and teeth. I spun around.

“Why are these strawberries so delicious?” I asked. More

Fresh egg test

fresh eggWant creamy yolks, whites with bite and eggy-flavoured egg? It’s all in the freshness.

Don’t know if your eggs are fresh? Put them to the test! More

The #CrapFiles

corporate food protestJunk food marketing driving you nuts? Processed food muscling in on your kitchen turf? Weary of the race to the bottom at ColeWorths? Share your thoughts on corporate food. It’s a culinary protest! More