From paddock to plate: a pig’s life

tammi jonas cheers!I’m delighted to introduce you to the Jonas family (aka the Jonai) of Daylesford, and if you recall, you’ve met Tammi Jonas before. She’s kindly agreed to let me track a litter of their Large Black pigs from paddock to plate. In doing so, I hope to show you what Joel Salatin calls, the ‘pigness of the pig'; they’re free to roam on pasture, root and wallow as they would in the wild. More

Mercimek corbasi – Turkish lentil soup

turkish lentil soupI remember being on my deathbed—I mean, when I had the flu—and thinking… Need. Turkish. Lentil. Soup. Everything that was me, ached. I felt a million years old! Yet somehow I summoned the strength to walk to Sarays in Enmore for a bowl of soothing warm.

But there’s no need to drag your tired body up the road. Here’s a recipe for you! More

Angela Booth

angela boothIt was following the great Violet Beauregarde incident of 1982 that I first came face to face with the reality of pork. As my aunt struggled to free my hair of chewing gum I had lodged behind my left ear, I sat and stared, pale and wide eyed at the steaming plate of pig’s trotters before me. More

In bed with McDonalds: a parody email

strategy meetingHey Claudia,

How’s uni/work/life? How about a catch-up during Easter. Going anywhere?

I need your advice! Below is an internal strategy email. The solution is borderline incredulous… a little bit lah-lah land. Would be a GODSEND! Let me know your thoughts! More

Food photography FTW

merri beeIt has been a hectic month. I’ve just started a Masters of Public Health which should be called a Masters of Heart Palpitations Because of All the Assignments! Today was the first day I could kind of relax, knocking back small wins for work, homework, wireframes for FlavourCrusader and the Facebook change to timeline. More

Katinka Day

katinka dayI was flirting with the idea of making my own muesli, yet what to put in it? A serendipitous click to Katinka’s muesli post sorted me out. Oh, the possibilities! Fabulous photography. Wonderfully detailed. And written to demystify food. Introducing Katinka… More

Gill Stannard

gill stannard naturopathGill Stannard is celebrating her 20th year of being in practice as a naturopath. She is passionate about nutrition and herbal medicine, and is an experienced counsellor. Her approach is down-to-earth; being practical about food is a big part of that. More

Lisa Martin

lisa martinOne fine Saturday morning on the Twitter, people started to get really heated about ColeWorths; this time vegetables were in the line of supermarket fire.

Steady, aim… Lisa shared a post about the subject. Watch her ideas spread across the digital landscape. Nice. More