Tasting our way to a better food system

“I believe that any fundamental change to our food system has to begin with a very simple question, and that question is how does it taste? A focus on taste will lead us to make better decisions about how and where we grow our food, how we distribute and store it, how we market and how we prepare it, and even the policies we enact to ensure a better, more wholesome, more sustainable and certainly a more delicious future for everybody.”
Mitchell Davis

John Beesley

john beesleyI think he popped up in a discussion about bees. He had some. And cows and chooks as well. He seemed to be a man of few words, but he shared his life through photos. Cooking with a friend. Risotto, I think. Mastering butter. Tomato harvest. His newborn. A calf. Or was I wrong? Plenty of words, here. Take it away, beeso. More

We’re taking back… Eggs!

backyard chickenIn this Age where popcorn comes pre-made,
some reject the status quo.
Instead, they make and grow their own.
This time, we’re talking about eggs.

Did it start with a kitchen garden?
“Why not a chicken?” you said. More

Australian chemical-free and organic garlic directory

Australian organic garlicJust ten years ago, Australia had 1 600 garlic growers. Yet with the initial dumping of cheap imports, local growers couldn’t compete. They disappeared, taking with them hundreds of garlic varieties.

Today, Australians eat 3 500 tonnes of garlic annually. We produce just a fraction of this, about 500 tonnes. So the vast majority is imported; mostly it comes from China, but also from Africa, Taiwan, New Zealand and the United States. More

A vegetarian Christmas tale

vegetarian christmasThis is hypothetical—or not—for you.
You’re preparing a vegetarian Christmas meal.
Guests bring dessert
or the wine.
It must feel festive—a Feast!
You want to prepare ahead of time.
Omnivores focus on The Beast.
But what do vegetarians do?
What would you? More

We’re taking back… Bread!

bread processed ingredientsWe found a loaf of bread at the supermarket.

Listed in the ingredients were: wheat flour, water, yeast, vegetable oil (canola, palm (antioxidents 306, 307), emulsifier (322 soy lecithin), iodised salt, sugar, wheat gluten, soy flour, milk solids, emulsifiers (471, 481, 472e), malted wheat flour and vitamins (thiamin, folic acid). More