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We’re farmers, gardeners, cooks and eaters, fighting for a healthy, fair and delicious food supply.
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The produce directories
Favouring small mixed farms close to their eaters, the directories celebrate deliciousness available from farmers, markets or local stores. A listing does not guarantee animal welfare nor sustainable farming practices; the farms have not been personally inspected by the author. The details are mainly sourced from publicly available information (e.g. websites, social and traditional media), and may be supplemented by correspondence with the farmer.

Send me a tip or ask to be included in the produce directories. You can email info AT flavourcrusader DOT com at any time. Farmers’ website and social media should detail, and ideally demonstrate, their practices. Please note that I update annually, during winter.

Yes, but who are you?
Sharon Lee devours magnificent peaches, strawberries and tomatoes. She cooks with exotic flavours, traditional recipes and real slow. She plants seeds in pots and sometimes, they grow! She makes damn fine art, can throw a mean bowl, is intrigued by markets and behaviour, knows all the Internets, digs communications, and researches Australian food because she’s curious to know!

I’m currently knee deep in clay, making the Incredible Edible Museum.

Don’t be chicken, get in touch! Email info AT flavourcrusader DOT com.

Thank you
Volunteers are our lifeblood. FlavourCrusader is grateful for the generosity of Amanda Daniel, Cynthia Lim, Nick Bray, Sophie Munns, Zoe Bowman, Lucinda Dodds, Pauline Mak, Camilla Baker, Grant Young, Lucia Torres, Rohini Goyal, Mei Sun, Adriaan Stellingwerff, Angela Jann, Miream Rabba, Tony Hollingsworth, Pete Locke, Samantha Lipovic, Ivan Zugec and Michael Wardop.

Thanks to the catalysts and mentors at Asix, Social Innovation Sydney and XMediaLab.

Love to the research participants, talented blog contributors and all who have joined the conversation.

Love food? Mad skillz? Want to contribute?

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12 Responses to About

  1. julian cribb says:

    Links to issues that may possibly be of interest to followers of FlavourCrusader

    best wishes and keep up the good work


  2. Sharon says:

    Hi Julian,

    I’ll have a look at those articles; will embed your video soon, it’s great. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hello Sharon! Just came by to say love the new look of your site – very pretty :) x

    1. Sharon says:

      Thank you Lesh! I’m pleased… took me long enough!!!

  4. Palisa Anderson says:

    Hi, I really appreciate your blog on free range and pasture fed eggs. What I’d really like to know is where I can buy predominantly pasture fed chicken in the Sydney Metropolitan area? Would you have a directly of these butchers or even farmers I can directly contact?
    Thanks so much for your website, I’m very grateful of information you provide.

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi Palisa,

      I have a directory of chickens. It’s small… have a look and feel free to contact the farmers direct for any questions – their methods do vary.

      I can recommend Burrawong Gain – Beth and Hayden of Gain Poultry recently bought Poultry of Burrawong’s farm/business… hence the name! They are more than happy to chat. Their birds are available at Feather and Bone in Rozelle or Hudson’s in Surry Hills if that makes it easier for you. I’d call Hudson’s first before going to make sure they have the birds in stock.

      Let me know how you go!

  5. Liann says:

    Hey Sharon,
    Loving your blog posts :) keep them coming!

  6. pennie scott says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Been a while since we had a yarn and, in that time, have established EAT LOCAL THURSDAY in Wagga.

    Prior to this was only a monthly farmers market which isn;’t often enough for Eaters to regularly buy local foods, or, for growers to create reliable cash-flows from growing food full time.

    We started with 14 Traders and now have at least 20 every week and 700+ Eaters resplendent with bags and trolleys buying directly from our clever Riverina farmers :-) Our Trading hours are from 2.30 until 6.30 so parents picking up children from school and those leaving work can head down and purchase their locally grown dinner ingredients – simple!

    Since we commenced, I estimate around $75,000 has been diverted from supermarkets and straight into the pockets of the Traders and that makes me smile…… often!

    Is it possible for EAT LOCAL THURSDAY to connect with Flavour Crusader?
    Well done and looking forward to hearing from you soon

    Cheers, laughing and feasting locally every week,


    1. Sharon says:

      Hello Pennie,
      Yes it’s been ages! That’s fabulous! I remember before you even moved to Wagga you were plotting a local food initiative, so wonderful to see it happening and THRIVING. People are so hungry for good, local food and the connections; weekly markets are brilliant for both shoppers and growers.

      Yes that figure is marvelous and happy-making!

      We *are* connected Penny, feel free to shoot me a mail any time.


  7. Johanna Rudd says:

    Hi, I came to the issue of food sustainability via Michael Pollan’s Omnivore Dilemma and have been enjoying the highly informative 2014 lecture series Edible Education 101:the rise and future of the Food Movement at UC Berkley (available on ITunes U) that Pollan put together with Raj Patel. I have been wondering how Australia compares to the US food system – farming, processing etc. and was excited to find your website. Looking forward to working my way through all your past posts and opening my eyes to the problems and solutions within the Australian food system. Happy to say your post on the dairy system mentioned our local South Coast milk and feel that I will tomorrow be switching to their organic milk. Thank you.

    1. Sharon says:

      Hi Johanna,

      I’m happy to say Australia is eating quite well in comparison, although we can improve in some matters. See if there’s a Fair Food Week event near you in October, you can meet more food people! South Coast, eh!? Good milk and food down there, nice place to land.


  8. Raj Patel says:

    Just a little multiculturalism passing through :)

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