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I've just finished making this website. Please email me if you find any typos or broken links. Thank you!

About FlavourCrusader
We talk about food news and politics, celebrate farmers and ecological production, pollinate conscious consumption, and shine the light on Corporate Food. Follow on Twitter and sign up to the email newsletters.

About the produce directories
Favouring small, mixed, ecological farms close to their eaters, the directories celebrate deliciousness available from farmers, markets or local stores.

Disclaimer: A listing does not guarantee animal welfare nor sustainable farming practices; I have not personally inspected the farms. I mainly source publicly available information (e.g. websites, social and traditional media), supplemented by correspondence with the farmer if necessary.

Would you like to be included in the produce directories? Email at any time. The farm website and social media should detail, and ideally demonstrate, farming practices. Please note, I update annually, during winter. 

About FlavourCrusasder
I'm Sharon and I love food, making things, and communication for change. I created FlavourCrusader in 2011, starting with a blog and Twitter, to fight for a healthy, fair and delicious food supply. I didn't have to wait long for a fight—this was the year Coles and Woolworths began the milk war.

We were looking for a way to ensure dairy farmers were paid a fair price for their milk, and so I started a directory of farmer-owned dairies and shared it on social media; news of the milk spread from person to person, across the whole internet.

Over time, I added more farms and directories, to seek the kind of food that I wanted to eat, grown by people with practices I wanted to support. I'm happy to say, these farms have now multiplied.

If we all support them—community, business, and all levels of government—our future will be delicious.

Thank you
I'm grateful for the support of wonderful volunteers: Amanda Daniel, Cynthia Lim, Nick Bray, Sophie Munns, Zoe Bowman, Lucinda Dodds, Pauline Mak, Camilla Baker, Grant Young, Lucia Torres, Rohini Goyal, Mei Sun, Adriaan Stellingwerff, Angela Jann, Miream Rabba, Tony Hollingsworth, Pete Locke, Samantha Lipovic, Ivan Zugec and Michael Wardop.

Also, for the catalysts and mentors at Asix, Social Innovation Sydney and XMediaLab.

Much love to the research participants, blog contributors and all who have joined the conversation.

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